Some design ideas for the Dior cosmetic and perfume store fixtures

Cosmetics is not only a beauty industry but also a fashion culture. In today's financial environment, cosmetics are a sunrise product on the market that cannot be shaken. To borrow a Jewish saying: The business of women and children is the best business opportunity, and cosmetics include this. If you have taken a fancy to this business opportunity, but are confused about how to open a cosmetics store, I hope this article can give you some ideas.


It may seem easy to open a cosmetics store, but there are many doorways in real business. Especially for some young people who start their own businesses, because they are not very experienced and have not a lot of funds available, how to use a small cost to open a cosmetics store has attracted many investors' attention.


Step 1: Business model

If you are sure to open a cosmetics store, you must first determine the store's business model, whether you want to operate one brand of cosmetics or multiple brands of cosmetics. In addition to skin care products, do you need to add some life care products (such as shampoo, perfume, shower gel, etc.), color makeup, nutritious food, etc. to the store? If the business model is determined, we can determine the brand owner to choose your purchase channel.

Cosmetic shop

Step 2: Brand selection

Choosing a cosmetic product brand is one of the necessary preparations for opening a cosmetics store. It is better to choose the high-end brand some brands like Dior, Chanel, Armani, Lancome, etc. 

There is also a way to open a store by yourself and purchase goods by yourself, but this is relatively speaking, you are more likely to encounter fake or parallel imports, unless you have a good purchase channel and have enough for your suppliers. To understanding. To open such a store, it should be said that the overall brand image will not be too good, and customers will lose a lot of time over time. And your supply is not guaranteed. But this store will also have a bit of advantage, that is, the variety of products it manages will be very rich, cosmetics, color makeup, personal toiletries, perfume, beauty tools are sold, so that consumers can be truly "one-stop shop" Buy it all".

Cosmetic shop design

Step 3: Shop location

The brand has been selected in the heart, the business model has been determined, and the purchase channels have been secured, so it is time to choose a location. Choosing a business address is very important. A well-chosen shop will succeed at least 60%. Ant Display reminds you that you can refer to the following content for site selection:


  1. Local prosperous trading districts and areas where fashionable girls often visit and consume;


  1. Large and medium-sized communities with dense staff, mature residential communities (if your shop also provides skin care services, this kind of place is good);


  1. High-end office buildings, trade buildings and other surrounding prosperous shops, targeting high-spending white-collar groups;


  1. It is best to be next to cosmetics, clothing stores, and shops selling women related products.

Cosmetic shop 3d design


Step 4: Cosmetic shop display furniture

A cosmetic store usually needs a cashier counter and feature wall with the logo. Some display furniture for cosmetic, perfume products. Ant Display can provide a full 3d design for the cosmetic shop and customize it with your store size. The 3d store design includes the interior decoration design, ceiling, display showcase design. Customize store furniture we are the professionals. Please welcome to inquiry us for more details.

Customize store fixture