cosmetic store furniture

With the fast development of society, people put on makeup everything day to have a charming look. According to a survey, girls start to wear makeup from the agent of 14 years old and stop at around 59 years old. Most of them wear makeup every day, and some people wear makeup several times per week. When they have skin issues they will focus more on cosmetic products. Recently, many people finding places to start a cosmetic business.

As for a cosmetic store, the most important is to determine the brand theme and shop styles. Especially for a new brand, clients see the shop decoration first, then enter the shop. And remember us when they satisfy with the products and service. Therefore, we have to pay more attention to the cosmetic shop design to attracts people.

Cosmetic Shop Furniture Decoration

The main tone of the cosmetic shop is in white color, looks very high-end and clean. White furniture allows a broad view, which makes the shop look bigger. It is a versatile color, which can adapt to various styles and matching colors to save decoration costs. The wall cosmetic display shelves have a white spotlight on the top and each layer has a light lamp. They will make the cosmetic shop more bright and showcase the products better.

cosmetic shop furniture

Makeup Display Counter Introduction

Wall Display Cabinet

Wall Display Cabinet surrounds the 3 walls, which makes full use of the space and can also show the items well. There are two different cosmetic wall cabinets, but they all have a brand logo at the top. The two sides walls are different levels of display stands, it is good for place different kinds of items. While the bottom has a locked cabinet for storage. However, the back wall has display shelves for nail polish.

Center Counter

When we enter the shop, we can see the unique shape cosmetic display counter. Its shape is very unique like it is made up of layers of different sizes. The base is narrow and the showcase is wide. And from the top view, looks like a bow. We can showcase samples of lipsticks and eyeshadow.

Nail table

The inside room has two nail tables, people can also enjoy manicure service here. Clients can also sit down when it’s not busy. That makes consumers feel comfortable and welcome.

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is set on the opposite side, with an irregular shape. It is narrow at the bottom and wide at the top. That can increase the working table and protect the front design from damage. Behind it are lock cabinets and drawers. A large brand logo wall at the back wall, so that people can remember the brand again before leaving.

cosmetic shop

Tower display cabinet

Next to the cashier counter are 2 tower display cabinets. It is in round shape and has a round base to support the multiple-layer round table. It makes the shop display look vivid, and I believe that the unique display cabinet can impress our customers.

Materials show

We use MDF as the basic material to build the cosmetic display counter body. MDF is durable and good to make unique shapes. It is good to make display showcases for cosmetic shops, hair salon shops, and eyebrow studio. Shinny baking paint is the surface craft, it makes the furniture looks good and gain smooth touch. We can also make it matte effect according to special requirements. Other materials include spotlight and LED light lamp, 3D luminous acrylic logo, stainless steel kicking, and even hardware for cabinets and lock.

Plywood with wooden veneer cosmetic display cabinets has become popular recently. Since they are made of natural wood, the display cabinets look atmospheric and retro, and it is easy for people to associate products with health, safety, and environmental protection. Which material do you want to use to decorate your store?

At the end

It’s very important to choose the correct materials to build the cosmetic shop. A good shop decoration reflects brand culture well. Please don’t worry if you have no idea about the cosmetic shop design, you can also find the best cosmetic shop decoration in Ant Display. As our designer will help you come up with new decoration solutions and choose a better one for your confirmation. You can check and even make small changes to make it better. The design work needs 3-7 days according to the shop size.