Coffee shop design

Three things are necessary to be popular in a coffee shop: good coffee, first-class service, and eye-pleasing decoration. There are many tastes of coffee. People have their own favorite tastes, not only pursue the taste of the coffee but also pursue the smell. The coffee shop meet the needs of people and also create more surprises for them, such as to make some beautiful patterns. The coffee shop offer the good service, but before this, the design of a coffee shop is the most important. There are many design styles, so at the first time, you should think of the style you like or to think the style people like.

Description of the coffee shop design

The style of this one coffee shop is very special and high-end. The top ceiling is made of all interlaced ropes, and the long ropes is hanging from the wall, which looks very special and different from others, it is a good decoration.

The bar counter is made of creamy-white and it is a main soul of the coffee shop, so it takes much space as the countertop. The bar counter not only to make the coffee for customers, but also o make many other drinks, some fast food and snacks. Many machines and equipment are put on the counter. The counter is very big, and the wall is also as a part with many shelves of the countertop. At the wall part, there are also some decorations on it. There are 2-3 staff to work together. As the bar counter design part, it is also very special. The front side of the counter can be for customers to sit and enjoy their coffee and food. Then the staff also can service the customers directly and talk with customers well. There are some literature and art items on the counter as decoration too. Besides, erotic coffee shops usually have delicate plates, utensils, and succulents, so many green plants are on the counter too. It looks very comfortable. The special is the top part on the counter. It is a black frame, and the logo signs are on it. Its middle part is for the special and beautiful lamps. The spotlights are also hanging on the frame to shine to the countertop. The mellow coffee color is used as the main color of the shop, and the lighting is not very bright in order to create an atmosphere. The whole space is transparent and the partition is clear. At a glance, it makes people feel very quiet and comfortable.

Most personalized cafes use open floor-to-ceiling doors and windows to allow natural lighting and outdoor sunlight to come in. There are the shade screens on the top of the window, when the sunshine is too strong, customers can pull it off to hide the sunshine. The table and chairs are are also an important part of the decoration. Each cafe has its own special style. The chairs are made of the wood and its shape like a barrel, but there are different shapes of the special style, it is various and take many features of the coffee shop. The pillars and the leg of tables are decorated with the tangled ropes, which match the whole coffee shop design. There are one big mirror with several small mirror on the wall as the decoration too, which can increase the space from the view. At the right side from here, one display stand shelf is in that corner to display dome delicate decorations, and the tables and chairs are also put that place. The flooring is made of wood. In the age of social media, it's important to put a lot of thought into the in-store decor. For example, many food bloggers and Instagramians in New York regularly meet with their supersize friends at the coolest coffee shops in New York. Therefore, if a shop has a unique floor or wall decoration, it will bring a lot of people to take photos, which is to help the cafe to do free promotion, so pay more attention to choose the floor or wall decoration.

Many cafes are tiny and don't have Wi-Fi, so customers don't have to take their laptops to work for an afternoon. More and more coffee shops are promoting the cafe as a community and a space where more people interact with each other.

In conclusion

Coffee shop's background wall tile, or decoration, it is best to have characteristics, take photos out to look good. In the era of social media, many people who come to coffee shops take photos and share them on Instagram, etc. Therefore, a unique background wall plus barista's photo will give your shop extra points and bring online communication. Even better, the design of one of your corners is recognizable without a description. Besides,A team of baristas serving with a smile; No matter how good the decoration and environment is, if the barista is not friendly, it has a big impact on the appearance of the service. So to win more customers should pay attention to the good coffee, nice service and unique decoration.