The meaning of a thing varies from person to person, and your needs determine what it means to you. The same applies to watches. If your needs are only for timing and wearing, it means a tool for you. If your need is inheritance, then it is a sustenance and miss, and its value is unparalleled. If your need is to show your identity, its meaning is a symbol of luxury and status. If your need is collection, its meaning is art, collection. The watch will change its positioning according to your needs.

How to Decorate the Shop?

  1. Commodity Space:

refers to the place where commodities are displayed. We need to design a product display stand. Only a good watch display stand can highlight the advantages of the watch. The gap of each display shelf should not be too crowded, otherwise it is not convenient for customers to watch. Display racks for valuable items like watches generally need lights to display watches. The watch display cabinet is generally a glass display. Adding a light strip inside the glass display can make the advantages of the watch more prominent.

  1. EmployeesSpace:

refers to the place where the clerk receives customers and engages in related work. There are two situations: one is confused with the customer space, and the other is separated from the customer space. The space with customers should not be too tight, otherwise customers will be more disgusted with this distance. We only need to introduce products when customers need them. The other is the cash register or service counter space. We need to design according to the number of employees or the size of the store. While saving space, we are also different from making these service spaces too crowded. Especially for the service desk or repair desk, we need to reserve a relatively large space, which is better for customers and employees.

  1. Customer Space:

refers to the place where customers visit, choose and purchase goods. According to different products, it can be divided into exterior decoration of watch shop and interior decoration of watch shop. If we need customers to notice the store display, we need some window displays. Of course, these window displays must conform to the characteristics of the brand. For the facade, we need to pay attention to the LOGO and decoration of the facade. These also need to be matched with the interior decoration. In the shop decoration, you can put some posters or led TV displays on the walls to promote the watch or brand.

watch store design

Watch Display Showcase in Retail Store

The main decoration of this shop is designed according to the needs of customers. Customers will decorate according to the entire 3D design drawing. The color of the whole shop is black and white, and then a little wood grain color is added as an embellishment of this design. It will make the decoration of the whole shop more vivid and dynamic. The store’s watch display includes glass display, wall display, and necessary window display.

The Importance of Store Design

The design will show all of your requirements about the shop. Only you do the 3d design about your shop, you can obtain the more details about your shop. And you will know the whole effect and make sure it is whether you want. The 3d design will show you the all kind of the watch displays.  After you confirm the 3d design, then we will help you do the construction drawings with detailed size, material.

watch shop design

How to order the watches shop furniture?

  • Firstly, arrange the design fee to do a 3d design according your size and requirements.
  • Second, confirm the 3d and construction drawings, start to produce it.
  • Third, arrange the 50% production deposit,
  • Forth, before loaded the watch displays, please arrange the balance payment.

During the production time, we will take the production videos and production photos for you in time.