We all know that the design of the store is very important to the entire design. Store design mainly includes store overall planning, facade design, store environment design, store layout design and merchandise display design. Store design plays an extremely important role in beautifying the environment, establishing the store image and attracting customers' attention. Good design is a big thing the shop owner must work hard to do well when opening a new store. So when we open a watch store, we need to design a good store so that we can have a good store.

The original intention of wearing a watch is to know the time at any time. Although mobile phones are so widespread nowadays, many people have abandoned their watches. But compared to mobile phones, watches are still relatively convenient. For example, you want to know the time when you are riding a bicycle or when you have a lot of things in your hands. At this time, it’s not as convenient to watch the phone as the watch. Or maybe there are occasions where it is not allowed to bring a mobile phone into the venue, at this time it is necessary to bring a watch. People who wear watches will leave a good image with a strong sense of time. It is more reassuring to deal with people who are always strong and will make you more successful at work.

Principles of watch shop design

Watch shop design is a detailed and detailed work. It is necessary to take into account the dual needs of operators and consumers, and use the limited space to display products as efficiently as possible. Provide consumers with a comfortable shopping environment through the appearance, image, overall style and internal design of the watch shop, thereby forming a good shopping experience. When designing, the following principles should be followed:

  1. Easy to identify principles.

This is the first principle of store design. Our design needs to be remembered by customers. The store is easy to remember, which not only helps attract consumers to shop in the store, but also reduces the time for consumers to search for second shopping, which is conducive to attracting customers. It is also helpful for consumers to describe in oral transmission.

Therefore, the shop design should not be too complicated, the color should be coordinated, and the logo should be simple and easy to understand. This will help the rapid transmission of information and deepen consumers' memory of the store.

  1. The principle of consistency

The style of the store and the design inside and outside the store should be consistent with the store's market positioning, business philosophy, brand concept and product style. The clothing, shopping guide behaviors, service attitudes, grades of clothing, and supporting supplies of employees must also convey the store's business philosophy and positioning. Following the principle of consistency is conducive to establishing a brand image, enhancing customer trust, and attracting target customers.

At the same time, the design of the store should be consistent with the surrounding environment. The shops located in the modern bustling commercial street have different design styles compared with the shops in the quaint commercial street and the general commercial street.

  1. The principle of humanity

The design of the internal environment of retail stores serving the masses must adhere to the customer-centric service tenet, and strive to meet the various requirements of customers. The design full of human nature will make customers feel cared for. The internal design conforms to ergonomics and conforms to consumers' shopping psychology. The shop needs to be equipped with convenient shopping facilities for customers to create a good shopping environment and atmosphere. Only in this way can we create a pleasant shopping experience for customers and make customers remember the store firmly. The most important thing is that it can produce a word-of-mouth effect and promote the wide spread of the reputation and popularity of the store.


Customers no longer regard "walking in the mall" as a pure purchase activity, but as a comprehensive activity integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment and social interaction. Therefore, retail stores must not only have a wealth of goods, but also create a comfortable shopping environment so that customers can enjoy services.

watch store design

Watch Store Design

The main color of the watch shop is white. White is to make the design of the whole shop brighter and more attractive. For watch display cabinets, the whole shop is mainly display glass displays, wall cabinet displays and window display. Window display will make the entire store more attractive. Attractive stores will increase store sales.

How to build the attractive watch shop?

Firstly, we need to do a 3D design with different angles for your watch shop, because the design will show your effect about the watch shop. So that time, you need to tell us what kind of the watch displays you want. And what style of the showcase do you want? We will customize the watch shop according your requirements.

Second, after you confirm the 3d deisgn, you can decoarte the shop according to the 3d deisgn.

Can you build the watch furniture?

yes, we can produce the watch display showcase according the 3d design and construction drawings.