Watches are very common. Both boys and girls like to wear watches. For boys, wearing a watch can have many meanings. Some people want to grasp time information more quickly. Some people wear watches more formal in business negotiations. Some people dress for matching, for good looks and fashion. And men wearing watches can reflect the tastes of men. Some people like to collect all kinds of watches because they are pure hobbies. For girls, most of the reasons they wear watches are because they look good and fashionable. We will use different watches to match different clothes. Different makeup will also have different watches. So watches are a very large market, if you have the opportunity to open a shop, you can consider selling watches. Because the income of the watch is still quite large. So we need an attractive design to decorate the optical shop.

The decoration of a good watch shop can give people a refreshing feeling. So we need to work hard on the decoration of the watch shop. The layout of the watch shop decoration mainly gives people a sense of comfort and visual beauty. The design and decoration should be simple, bright, clean, neat, warm and comfortable. At the same time, shops need and have clear and bright visual effects and good lighting. When we decorate the store, the store decoration must have its own personality and style.

How to Decorate the Watch Store?

According to the basic style of the store, plus your own ideas, form the characteristics of your own watch store; for example, we often use the wood grain color, gray, white, gold, wood grain color and so on for the decoration of the watch store. We can set the color according to our own brand.

In addition, the decoration of watch shops also need to comply with the following principles:

  1. Professionalism of the decoration design of the watch shop.

With the development of the economy, the prospects of the watch industry are relatively optimistic, and watch shops have also increased. This also reflects that the current competitiveness is also increasing. Therefore, we have to be unique in the decoration of the store, so as to attract the attention of customers and increase our sales.

  1. The economy of watch shop decoration design.

The ultimate goal of watch shop decoration is to expand sales and increase profits, so decoration is very necessary. But it does not mean that only high-investment decoration can bring more profits. Designers only need to carefully design the decoration. Make the shop look more beautiful. Maybe it does not need to spend more money, but also can create a unique glasses shop.


Watch Display Showcase in Retail Store

The materials of the display showcase in this watch shop are mainly glass and plywood. The surface uses wood grain color laminate. The whole design is biased towards the log style, playing an environmentally friendly role. We use gray laminate at the bottom of the showcase. These color combinations make the whole shop more attractive. This kind of shop will give people a high-end feeling when you walk in. For wall cabinets, we use light boxes to display products. You can put hot-selling products or new products into the light box for promotion.

How to Order from Ant Display?

  • Firstly, if you want to open a shop. We suggest that you do a design about your shop firstly. You can tell us what style of the watch displays showcase you want. And how many watch display showcases do you want? what kind of the display showcase do you want. The designer will display all of your requirements on the design. Then you will know the shop it is whether you want?
  • After you confirm the design, then we will produce the watch shop according the design with no mistake.
  • Before produce the watch display showcase, please arrange the 50% deposit for production. After finish the reception desk, please arrange the balance payment.

When will we receive the watch display showcase?

The design time will take 3-5working days, the production time will take about 25-28working days . The shipping time based on your country and which transportation mode you want.

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