green tea shop furniture

What is your favorite tea? There are many famous teas in the world, such as Pu’er, Oolong tea, white tea, and so on. Some people like green tea, while others feel that black tea has a unique taste. Tea is also a necessary raw material of popular bubble tea. It’s a very good idea to open a tea shop and earn money. Tea is not only a healthy drink but also contains rich philosophy. Today, I want to introduce a high-end green tea shop to you.

Wood Surface tea shop decoration


It has brown natural wood color with silver stainless steel. We also add yellow and black color to decorate the shelf, which creates a very classic and traditional shop atmosphere. Other colors like gray, green, and red color also popular colors for a tea shop. We should choose a color that highly matches and showcase drink tea culture. People can also remember the brand better and can also win more clients.

tea shop stand


A tea shop doesn’t need a big location size. A 30 square meter shop is enough to start the first business. However, if you own a big shop, we should make a floor plan to make full use of each space. It usually has a service counter with a cashier register, wall display shelves, a center showcase table, and a tea table for customers to taste tea. Consumers can even drink tea with their friends, they view it as a very relaxing and comfortable thing.

Adverting posters

Advertising is very important for a retail shop, as people know what products you provide. They can even know when you have new products when you refresh the posters. The owner put up big posters on the wall at the entrance. We can also put up on the display counters and wall shelves so that people can see when purchasing in the shop.

tea shop furniture


Main material: Plywood, solid wood

Surface material: Wood veneer, timber, laminate, stainless steel

Logo material: Acrylic, stainless steel, etc.

Other materials: Gold metal, light lamp, stainless steel kicking, spotlight, tempered glass, etc.

Tea store furniture introduction

Service counter

When we enter the shop, we can see a big service counter insight. Because it is set facing to the entrance. Clients can order tea here and the brand logo is on the kiosk body, which people can view easily. . There are high display showcases behind the counter, it mainly use to showcase tea gift boxes. Behind it also has different levels of glass cabinets to show tea.

Between the working counter and base are black wood strips with light for decoration. They make the service counter looks better and highly make the tea shop standing out. This service counter also has a big wood ceiling attach to the shop roof. It is not only for decoration but also makes the service counter looks better.

tea store design

Wall display shelf

There are wall display shelves against the wall, clients can view and select their favorite tea. We can see the display stands with multiple layers inside to place products. Between each two display stands is a wall cabinet display. There are 4 golden curved corner cabinets of each stand, which look like displays inserted into the wall. The golden flannel highlights the high value of the product.

The other is a grid-shaped wall cabinet, which is decorated in black and divides the entire wall into grids of different sizes to display products and decorations. In the middle of it is a big brand image wall, and the luminous logo looks more vivid and attractive on the background of black solid wood strips. 

Wood strip display counter

There is a wood strip display counter set near the column, we can even see it with a stairs shape in front of the glass window. They are in different colors like black and wood. They combine like waves to place tea cans to increase a variety of display counters and improve sales performance.

tea shop display table

Seating chairs

We can leave an individual room to place a bar counter with a water sink. Then set chairs and tables, clients can sit down and drink a cup of tea. As we can see the bar counter is in an L shape with cups on the table. We can also put a hot water tank here, clients can even help themselves. Please don’t worry if you don’t leave space for the bar counter and seating area. It’s also a good idea to set only a tea table with tea making system. It needs a small place and people can also taste tea when entering the shop.

Glad to know that this will help you to decorate your tea shop. Whenever you want to add new ideas to the tea store furniture design, please kindly contact us. Our designer will even make a new 3D design to show your requirements.