Black style watch display showcase | mall watch kiosk for sale

Black style watch display showcase | mall watch kiosk for sale

Shopping center men's watches kiosk | custom glass showcase

Custom glass watch kiosk

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Men with watches have a taste. Men who wear watches always look cool. We all know that there are many styles of watches, and most employees or bosses wear watches. There are many styles and colors of watches, they look very delicate. Especially gold and silver. Many watches are now brand-name products, and they are famous all over the world. Sometimes it is also a symbol of identity. When we go to the mall, we can see there are kiosks selling watches in the mall. You can see this watch kiosk I showed.

Shopping center men's watches kiosk

The wath kiosk size is 4x3m. It made of MDF, tempered glass, and baking paint. The pictures on the kiosk are adhesive paintings, you can show the pictures of your popular products. Display the top of the glass cabinet with a light strip installed, it can provide enough lighting for our products. Outside the high wall at the entrance is a glass display, the design picture shows a balance car, this is other products of our customers. If you like this design, we can use it. The inside at the entrance is a cashier counter. You can work here. There is a cabinet under a display showcase, you can put inventory and watch packing bags. The sign at the entrance, you can put your logo, or TV, and lightbox.


The structure of the watch kiosk is similar to that of mobile phones and jewelry kiosks, and they can be used universally. We are all divided into several parts to make. At the time of installation, we only need to put together their separate cabinets. We are a professional mall kiosks manufacturer. If you want to build a kiosk, we can provide a full design and construction drawings. You can send them to your mall for review. After confirming everything, we can start production. The kiosk's design deposit is 300USD, but it will be returned to you when we place an order. The design time is 2-4 working days. Production time for the kiosk is 22-28 working days. You can tell me your country port when we finishing the goods, we can ship it to your country. Shipping time is based on your port. If you want to know the shipping cost, you can send us your port or your address, we can give you an approximate price.


If you still have any questions, please contact us.

Contact person: Cathy.

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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint, Tempered glass
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