Skincare products can delay the aging process, solve some problems of dark yellow skin, and anti-oxidation to improve skin situation. Skincare is a huge market, and you can sell the skincare product, and also can open a beauty center. You can do the business according to your capital and your strength.

Next, I will introduce the skincare store to you as a reference and hope it helps you get more ideas.


skin care store

Ceiling: You can see that there is a white ceiling because the white ceiling will make the whole store more bright and can display the goods better.

Wall Display Stand: You can see that there are some shelves on the wall. It is a huge wall display that includes storage space. The bottom of the wall display stand has a long storage space which can save more goods. On the top of the wall display stand, we have stuck some stickers on it. And can decorate the whole store also.

cosmetic store

Nail Bar Station: The back of the wall has a nail bar table, and you also can do the beauty nail business when you sell the skincare product.

Free Analysis Skin Table: There is a table that focuses on for customer to test their face skin. And then the customer will know what skin they have, and what skincare product they can use.

cosmetic store

Reception Desk: we put the reception desk in the front store. It is very convenient for customers. There are some products displayed at the back of the wall.  And people can buy some products when they pay the bill.

Glass Door: the front of the store is a glass wall and glass door. The glass wall is very attractive and also can make the whole store clear. And the passenger can see the indoor situation. And there is a higher stand nearby the glass window, which can make the glass door more unique and attractive.

makeup store

Wall Decoration: The main color of the store is white, and stick some paper on it. And can make people know the brand nearly, also can make decorate the shop make it more attractive.

StoreFront: It has a green color on the store, it represents the natural, healthy color. And most customers like the color also.cosmetic display stand