Perfume is very normal in our life. And we all know that a good perfume is very expensive, and it will have a good smell. A high-end perfume needs a high-end perfume store. If you want to open a perfume store, you need to learn about the perfume market first.

Firstly, you need to make a product position. Then you can find a place and decorate the shop according to the requirements.

Next, I will introduce the perfume store to you as your reference.

The impression of the store is very high-end for most people. Because the decoration is black and with a little gray. The color assortment is very high-end. And most people like it very much.


perfume store

Facade Store: The store facade is very high-end. And the front of the store is a glass wall and glass door. The material of the glass door is glass, the structure is simple and clear, and it is suitable for the modern minimalist decoration style. The glass doors and glass walls have good light transmission and good ventilation.

store design

Display Stand: there are two rounded display stands. The top of the round shape has led light and displays the perfume better. And in order to let the customer know the brand and also can classify the brand.

perfume store design

Display Table: there is a display table with a curved shape. For the display area, there has a warm light strip that can make the display stand more beautiful. The countertop has some light spots, and you can put the perfume in the spotlight, and customers know it.

perfume display fixture

Wall Display Rack: The store of the reception desk is curved. And the middle of the reception desk has a logo which can decorate the reception desk also.

interior decoration

Wall Cabinet: the two sidewalls of the perfume shop are display cabinets. It can help you save more space, and will enough space for customers to visit the store.

Back wall: The back wall has some decoration which can make people know the brand clearly. And the middle of the decoration has the shelves. And can display your perfume on the shelves.

perfume fixture

Ceiling: The ceiling of the store has some lights which can decorate the store better.

Led light strip: you can see that there are many led light strips on the display showcase, reception desk, wall cabinet, etc... And the light strip color is a warm color. The light color is very suitable for the high-end store.

perfume stands

If you want to make a new perfume design, just feel free to contact us. We have a professional design team and can make a new 3d design for you.