Candy is a very common food in our lives. There are several brands that we know. Each brand also has different types of candies. If we want to open a candy store, then we need to pay attention to a lot of details. Only in this way can the business be done well and enlarged. There are some factors here that you need to refer to.


First of all, we need to buy a store or candy kiosk in mall . The rent of a store varies greatly depending on the location, and the price varies greatly. Places such as commercial streets, schools, pedestrian streets, and intersections tend to be more expensive. But its traffic is relatively large. Therefore, if the rent is sufficient, you can consider renting places with a lot of traffic notes.

cute candy store design


Secondly, decoration is also a important issue. We must have a candy store with a clear theme or a special style. Only in this way can it attract the attention of customers.

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Layout Design

The last is the placement of furniture. Reasonable and practical placement is what everyone wants to see. Because this can give customers a better sense of experience. If the area of ​​the store is relatively large, put some brighter center displays in the center of the store. If only the size is relatively small, and the surrounding area is open. We can make the display for four sides.

Candy Shop Design

Today I want to introduce you to an open candy store. We have two solutions in total. One is wood grain and blue, flat-top candy store. Another one is a candy store with a white and blue and has a spire top. Different models have different styles.

blue idea candy store

The spire top candy shop

The main color of the candy shop is blue and white. You can see the frame of the top is made of metal, and the surface we use the blue baking paint. You can see the top is really attractive and build into the triangle and two semicircles. In the middle of the triangle, it has a circle logo. Under the triangle, there is have a circle logo which the customer can see from two sides.

candy shop ideas

Next, we will start to introduce the candy display stand. Both sides will display the candy. From the shorten sides, it is empty and customers can walk here easily. And people can choose the candy from two sides. We put the cashier counter with a display stand together, and keep enough space for the customer.

candy shop layout plan

Flat-top candy store

The top of this design is flat, but there are some triangular shapes below the top. Some lights will be added to the triangle shape to make the whole shop brighter and can also be used as some decorations. 

We installed a wall on the right side of the candy store to make the whole candy store displays more complete. We also put a logo on the wall to make the wallless monotonous. Inside the store, we made a display stand nearby the wall. Then there are many stickers on the wall to make the whole shop more lovely.

candy kiosk design in mall

On both sides are display cabinets. The display cabinet is mainly composed of black and wood grain colors. The color of the display area is wood grain, and the bottom is black. Then install the lightbox. You can put your own slogan or your own poster.

The material 

The main material of the candy store is MDF and metal, and the surface we will use the baking paint and the veneer. In general, color is very important for the candy shop. A colorful candy display stand will make the whole shop more colorful and unique and will make the whole shop more eye-catching.

candy store materials

For Custom Service

We have a professional design team and can design a new candy store for you. You can tell us all of your needs for the candy store, we can display all of your ideas on the 3d design. Then you will know the whole effect and will know it whether you want. If there are any modifications when you check it, we also assist you to modify them.

Ant Display

We focus on customizing the commercial furniture for more than 15 years and will make the new candy or other types of stores according to all of your needs. If you start to open the store, just feel free to contact us. We have the professional man help you do it.

More design you can take these as a reference.