Now is the age of business, and many people want to open a store of their own. It is not easy to open a store. We need to consider issues such as funding, location, and store layout. If you are a novice and want to start a business. Then our scale can be smaller because this is just a preliminary attempt. The area in our store does not need to be too large. After renting the store, we also have to consider the decoration and furniture arrangement inside. At this time, we need to combine our business model. Customers need to dine in or just provide take-out service. After determining the model, we can arrange the furniture and layout inside.

What I want to introduce to you today is a small ice cream shop. Its size is about 8x3m, which is very small. Because the customer provides take-out services, we don't need to design tables and chairs inside, but can only put a counter and some wall decorations.

bar counter

How do we arrange our store? 

First of all, it must be the design of our shop. After the design, we can clearly know how to arrange all the furniture. The design is a 3D model, which can well present a realistic shop. So we can see the effect of our shop in advance, after confirming the design, we can arrange our shop according to the design drawing.


This ice cream shop is very small, and if it only provides take-out services, we only need to put a bar and workbench in the shop. We can see from the design drawing that the size of this bar is relatively large. Almost two-thirds of the entire store. In front of the bar is our ice cream display cabinet and cake display cabinet, as well as a cash register area. Our customers can then order online and pick up the food in the store, or they can buy it directly in the store. Behind is the workbench, we can put our juice machine or other ice cream machine, the back wall is some menu lightboxes, customers can see all our menus and prices. On the left is a sink, which we can use to wash tools and hands. The decoration on the front bar is similar to ice cream. We use color stickers as decoration, which can make our bar look more attractive.


In addition to the counter, we also need to decorate our shop. From the design drawing, we can see that there are some luminous flowers and lightboxes on the wall, as well as our logo and chandeliers. These can be used as the decoration of our shop. Their colors are also colorful, so they look more uniform with our counters and look comfortable.

How to buy the furniture and decoration in the design?

After we have designed the store, we can choose a customized company for production. But now that the machine has arrived on our website, you should also know what we do. We are a furniture customization company. Our order process is to do the shop design first, and then produce after confirming the design. Our design drawings include 3D design and construction drawings. We have our own factory, and our workers will produce furniture according to construction drawings. So we can get a counter exactly like the design drawing. We also provide lightboxes and luminous logos, and we can provide everything in the design drawings. Therefore, designing is very convenient for us. First, we can know the effect of our shop in advance. Second, we can clearly know what we are buying. The price of customized items depends on the final design. After the design, we can know the price of the entire project.

How much is the design fee for the store?

Our design fee depends on the design content and the size of the store. The size of this ice cream shop is 8x3m, and the size of the counter is 6x2m, so the design fee for this shop is 300 USD.


If we want to start a store, early planning is very important. If we want to confirm all the details, we must confirm through the design drawings. It allows us to know how much furniture we can put in our shop and which decorations are more suitable for our brand's style. When the design is completed, we can understand the shape, size, and price of all items inside. If you want to start designing your shop, we welcome your consultation. Here, you can get service from start to finish.