Pharmacy store design

With the strengthening of people's health awareness, pharmacies are also attracting attention. A pharmacy is a place related to life, The design and internal layout of the pharmacy also need to keep pace with the times, instead of being a traditional display space. Modern pharmacy design often focuses on creating a pleasant atmosphere, allowing people to feel relaxed and comfortable instead of depressed,so the decoration style of the pharmacy should be simple and bright.


Customer thoughts

Recently, we have received some inquiries from customers about pharmacy design. With the outbreak of the covid, most people have new ideas for the design of pharmacies. This customer liked our pharmacy design very much, and contacted us on our website, he told us that he needs to redesign his shop and change the pharmacy display cabinet. Our designer created a new design based on his store floor plan and favorite style. The customer confirmed and we made some modifications based on his ideas to make the shop look better. The following are more detailed details, I hope it can be helpful to you.

Pharmacy store designPharmacy store style

This shop is decorated in a modern style. It is very easy to get people's attention because this shop is open on the street. The facade design uses a green luminous logo and sliding glass doors. Even if people are outside, they can see the internal layout of the store. Bright green can better highlight the characteristics of the shop. A "+" sign is hung on the upper left corner of the door to show the store products and services.


Unique Store Logo

The store's brand name will directly reflect the store's image, and it will also be the "face" of the store, which can highlight the level of service of the store. The color of the logo should be coordinated. Usually, a bright brand name is more attractive.


Pharmacy store layout details

It mainly includes several high wall cabinets, display stand, cashier counters, display racks, etc. The wall cabinet is relatively large in size, with LED strips installed inside to highlight products and increase sales opportunities. 8mm tempered glass is durable and stable and can be used for a long time. The shop has enough space, and the display cabinets are placed close to the wall side. The main color of the reception desk is white, with a ‘+’ acrylic mark on the counter outside, and there are multiple drawers and storage cabinets on the checkout counter back for work to use. There are also several display cabinets behind the counter, so the clerk can better recommend products to customers according to their needs.

Pharmacy store designWall and ceiling decoration

The walls are all pure white and there is no decoration on them. The placement of high display cabinets saves the cost of wall decoration. There are different styles of lights on the ceiling, including spotlights and LED lights, etc. White lights can increase the brightness of the shop. At the same time, there are some unique blue patterns on the ceiling to make the shop look better.



The main materials are MDF and baking varnish. For MDF, it has a flat surface and a hard texture. Baking paint will make the surface and color more glossy. We are a custom factory,we can design and provide different types of pharmacy display furniture. if you have requirements for materials, we can change the materials for you. Usually, the materials are solid wood, plywood, and MDF.its up to you.

Pharmacy store designHow to design a pharmacy store design?

1.Tell us your requirements, such as style, logo, whole layout of the store, and send us the store floor plan.

2.Modify the design. For pharmacy design, our design time is 2-3 working days, you can tell us your thoughts after confirmation, and we will help you modify it to ensure the design is perfect and beautiful.

3.Arrange the production. After you confirm the final design, you can send it to the landlord for approval. At the same time, we will make a detailed quotation for you and you need to pay a 50% order deposit. Before the production, we will make the construction drawing to let you check everything is good. Our workers will also follow the construction drawings to finish the production step by step.