ice cream shop

Everyone likes ice cream because it has a sweet taste and gives us a cool feeling. We always eat ice cream after dinner as a dessert. People always meet with friends at an ice cream shop, where they can chat, rest and taste food. Most of the ice cream shop has comfort and creative decoration. It also a very relaxed place to get out of work pressure. Before opening a business, we should first rent a shop and find a good location for furniture.

The ice cream shop has a working counter, service table, glass cabinet, and storage area. We can also add tables, chairs, sofa for customers to have a rest. When the ice cream shop is large, a room divider is a good choice to separate each part and makes the shop look better. Please don’t forget to add a brand logo, posters, menu, and even a TV player to catch people’s attention.

Classic ice cream shop furniture introduction

This ice cream shop is 135 square meters. We can also sell other food like cakes, coffee, juice, bubble tea, fast food and so on. Which can win more customers and let people taste different kinds of food. This ice cream shop has an inside kitchen room, storage room, and toilet room. Today, we will focus on the service kiosks in the hall.

L shape service table

As we can see there is a large L shape service table inside the room. It has space for an ice cream freezer to showcase ice creams for sale. Glass display cabinets, topping and coffee machines can also place here for convenient use. People also order and pick up meals here. So we can put the cashier counter with the menu. This L shape service table size is 3500mm and 3000mm long, 650mm wide, height is 1000mm.

There is a 3-stair display on the return area, which can place more items in the order. We can also attach a brand logo with light facing the customers. Which decorate the counter and show our company imagines better. Behind the counter are a lock cabinet and drawers for storage.

ice cream shop

Working counter with shelf

The working counter of the ice cream kiosk is set close to the back wall. It mainly uses to prepare food and also deliver food to clients from the kitchen room. There are display shelves on the countertop to place cakes and donuts.

Seating area

The seating area includes a bar counter, table, couch, and chairs. They are usually set closed to the wall to save space. This ice cream shop has a long bar counter in front of a glass window. It allows more clients to seat down

restaurant  counter

Ice cream shop decoration

Food shop decoration is very important, as it shows the theme of our brand. A wonderful decoration also leaves a deep impression on people can they can remember us better

Color and Light description

The main color of the ice cream shop is off-white and natural wood color. The countertop is a Corian stone color. Which creates a very natural and bright shop style. The shop ceiling has many hang lights with a sliding spotlight. We can also dim the lighting to make the store different over time. Customers feel fresh whenever they come to the store.

Poster wall decoration

Please don’t ignore the large wall. We can paint it to match the shop theme. The cost-effective way is to attach lightbox posters and company culture advertising on the wall. It’s also a good idea to hang the brand logo on the wall. Green plants are a very lovely decoration for an ice cream shop. The solid wood room divider is become very popular to get a unique ice cream shop.

ice crem shop layout

Material introduction

We use different materials to build each piece of furniture. Different materials have different effects. So please do one's utmost to find high-end materials to makes the ice cream shop outstanding.

The service counter mainly uses MDF to build the kiosk body. The countertop is stone to protect the wood body. It is also easy to clean, which will help us save energy and time during work hours. Other materials include tempered glass, stainless steel kicking, acrylic luminous logo, and wood shelves.

Solid wood finish based on Plywood plate is to make the restaurant table. It has a metal base as support and the chairs also use natural wood with a leather couch.