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There are many types of medicines in pharmacies, so when we start a pharmacy, we have to purchase some furniture to display medicines. In fact, the furniture in the drugstore is similar to the furniture in the department store. They are all used to display large-volume products. In addition to the display rack in the middle of the store, the wall display cabinet is also indispensable. 

Shown above are several common display cabinets in pharmacies. We have made many pharmacy furniture, most of which are wood-grained surface furniture, solid colors are also available. Our furniture can be customized. Today we are introducing wood grain display cabinets. There are several different types.

wooden cabinet

Furniture Information

Material: Plywood

Surface finish: Laminate

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Light: LED light

Since this furniture is displayed separately, you can choose suitable furniture according to the situation or size in the store. The same product can be put together, and we can buy in bulk. 

Furniture Packaging

Each of our pieces of furniture is packed in wooden boxes with foam boards inside. We also enclose the corners of the cabinet with pearl cotton and stretch film, so the packaging of our cabinet is very tight. 

Our production time depends on the quantity and style of the goods, usually 20-28 working days. We will ship all the goods to your port or your specific address. You can pick up the goods or unload them at your address. The freight depends on the volume of the goods and your country.

If you have a new store, we support the customization of furniture. We can design the display furniture of the whole store, they are designed according to your store floor plan. So the size is in line with your store so that we can buy more accurate furniture.

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate
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