When you walk in the streets, you can see shoe shops and shoe cities everywhere. Sometimes, if you don't go shopping for a few days, the shoe stores are springing up like mushrooms!

Why Start Shoe Store Business?

There are small shoe stores, leisure stores, specialty stores, and chain stores! It seems that the shoe business is very profitable. Sometimes you can notice that the former clothing owner has also learned to open the shoe retail center. I have written so much about it. What do you want to see most is how to open the shoe retail center and how much profit is it?

Widest Customer Group and Markets Needs

I'll tell you step by step. You may ask, now that the rent is so high, the front transfer fee is so high, and the shoe retail center is opened so many times, will the shoe owners make money? Let me tell you, in a polar city with a population of more than 700,000 people, a 100 square meter facade costs $100,000 a year. If you open a shoe retail center in the main commercial streets of the city, you can sell more than 5 million sales a year, and the minimum net profit can reach more than $ 500,000!

You may not believe it! I'll tell you, did you see the focus interview of CCTV in March last year? Report on tax evasion of more than 30 million in Hubei Prince shoe retail center! You may believe it when you read it!

Although I am not the boss yet, I have been working in this industry for nearly 8 years, from top to bottom, from supply to management, from looking for a shop to opening a branch store for the boss to make millions every year. I have experienced a lot, and there are too many stories behind me!

There are a lot of people who don't understand the collapse of the shoe retail center. People who don't understand think that this industry has gone bankrupt because it doesn't make money! Then the person who you think so must be a layman, and the person who goes bankrupt must also be a layman! In Y City, where I live now, our company has opened five branches, but there are two branches in the same commercial street, which are less than 100 meters apart. However, the rent for each store has reached $100,000, but we still make money!

shoe store design

Easy To Start a Store or Franchise

Maybe you don't understand how to open two stores in the same location with such high rent? This is called ant tactics. Nowadays, customers are still very casual in shopping. In addition to those high-income people who like to monopolize, other mass consumers still like to visit the general shoe retail center. Therefore, we always have our consumers, so we don't worry about losing money!

A few months ago, other people saw the development of our company, but our peers also accelerated the pace of opening new stores. Other owners were also thinking about opening a shoe retail center, thinking that everyone could earn money in our business. In Fact, they were wrong. Business is a man, and to earn money must be an expert

In September last year, I opened three new stores a month in my current Y City. When they opened, I went to do market research. After I saw the products of their stores, I knew that they were amateurs. At that time, I decided that their stores would not open for half a year. Maybe, you would think that I was too arbitrary, but I was bragging!

Not long after that, before April this year, two stores called us and asked us to transfer him. We didn't ask for it. In another one, the boss used to make clothes, but later he changed his business. Haha, I feel sad for their recklessness and sigh. Even if the market is full of gold, you should not easily go to the inspection, but you should see whether you understand it If you know how to do it, you have to see whether it is real gold and whether it is a fraud!

Easy to manage a shoe store business

Why open shoe shops to make money???? Let me help you to analyze it. Think about it. Now shoe shop designs are basically "low-value consumables". shoes are just like the tires of cars. They are easy to break and update quickly. In this world, the USA is the smartest, so I'm proud. Those manufacturers are also very smart, you know? Why don't the shoe you buy break down after more than a year? But some shoes are useless in less than a month?

Now the manufacturer, when he makes the shoe, either the quality of the sole is good, the quality of the upper is poor! You can't wear a broken soul, but the upper of your shoe is broken. Who is going to mend your shoe now? Either the upper quality is good, the sole quality is poor! Let you wear less than 3 months, repair period just after the sole hole, So, the sole hole, rain on the water! Either the sole quality is good, the upper quality is also good, but the quality of the inside and outside of the shoe is poor. If you wear them for just three months, the inside and the inside of the shoe will be broken. Do you think that if the inside and the inside of the shoe are damaged, you will wear them? With the above analysis, let's think about it. Is the market prospect of our industry very broad?

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Extremely High Profit

When it comes to brand leather shoes, we all know the Playboy of international brands, Montejano, and so on! His selling price is generally above 300, and the purchase price is 3-4.5% off the list price on the shoebox! Everybody calculates, how high profit! However, I have been making shoes for 8 years, but I haven't worn such brands, because most of these shoes are OEM products! Perhaps, you spend more than 500 to buy the dead world-famous brand, and I bought here 150 leather shoes is a mother's raw, but the name is different!! Just like the clothes now, I usually wear domestic brands, so I can't be cheated by foreigners!

Now people love fashion, what clothes to wear with what shoes! What do you look like when you wear a suit and a pair of sneakers? Hehe, I say it's an "alternative"! Do you still wear a pair of leather shoes when you go out to climb mountains with your friends? You wear casual clothes, go out to meet your girlfriend, do you still wear a pair of sneakers? I remember, when I was a college student, I used to wear a suit and a pair of travel shoes. Therefore, at that time, we all laughed that he was a "sweet potato"!

To be a shoe retail center, the most important thing is to have capital, brain, experience, and courage. If you have all of them, you can start a business! Take your money to find a good facade. The facade is very important. It must be in the main street of the main business district, but there should be clothing stores or other places that can gather popularity around your front.

Fast Invest Funds Return

Now the appearance is very expensive because there are too many people doing business and too many people want to start a business. Generally speaking, the best way to do our business is to do our own scale stores or specialty stores. Now it is best to do fashion shoe stores. The best facade is 80-100 square meters because such an area is a gold area, which is convenient for management and operation and can reduce the risk of large expenses It is this golden area that facilitates the gathering of popularity. Several stores in our company are almost of this size

What is a fashion store? The fashion shop is to do popular and fashionable shoes at a low price. The price of fashion store is generally between 40 and 150, mainly selling men's and women's shoe, leisure shoe, travel shoe, a student walking shoe, etc. to do this kind of shop needs fewer funds, the consumer group is mainly the mass consumers, suitable for a wide range of people, fast turnover of goods, high utilization rate of funds!

We do shoe retail center, see the name to know what goods are to have, there are shoes to do shoe retail center is mainly to do better quality shoe, but also brand + general + low price mode. Our door and do monopoly is a certain difference! It's difficult to make brand shoes. It depends on the problem of filtering and pressing goods.

Easy Create Own Brand and Grow Big

In general, you must have a certain understanding of your own brand and make great store fixtures, and also understand the popularity of your brand in the local market. Especially when you are loading goods, you should be calm. Don't listen to the agents or manufacturers. The manufacturers have many models for new products each season. Of course, they require you to put on a lot of samples. At this time, you should according to the local consumption habits You should choose the edition with a certain eye, and also appropriately match certain special items. The high-end models will be displayed, and the sales volume will be mainly through your main model.

When it comes to women's shoes, it's a big problem. Basically, every season, women's shoes sell well and make money. Women's shoes should pay more attention to the stock situation and sales situation, especially the daily replenishment and new goods. Although some shoe is bought, we should also determine whether they are good selling shoe. If they are good selling shoes, they should be supplemented. Don't mistakenly think that as long as I buy them, I will make up the order You'll have a lot of goods.

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How Much Does it Cost To Start A Shoe Store?

There are many tricks to do business, and you need to pay a lot of hard work. Sometimes, when new goods come up and don't move for a week, you should focus on it and analyze the reasons. If you don't sell for three weeks, you should consider changing goods with the manufacturer. When it comes to the season, you should pay attention to the sales situation and inventory situation every day, and do a good job in clearing the warehouse To say, there are many, so the business experience is very important!

For example, in the main business districts of prefecture-level cities, the transfer fee is generally around 100000-150000, and the annual rent is about 350000-600000, and it may be higher, depending on the local situation. For example, the basic price of my city is the basic price That's the price I said.

The investment cost of such a store is as follows:

  • Transfer fee: $40,000
  • Front rent: 40000 per month, generally the minimum payment for half a year: $40,000
  • The first phase of decoration counter shoe rack, etc. $20,000
  • First batch: 5000 pairs of shoe * 12 = $ 60,000
  • Working capital: $20,000
  • Opening advertisement $10,000
  • Initial investment: $120,000

Open shoe retail center investment is very big, wants to open such a shop, does not have a million, does not need to dream, but, in the general county-level area, the appearance is cheap, advertising cost is cheap, basic goods and decoration is the same. Income is also very different! When it comes to appearance and investment, let's talk about how to start!

Basic Acknowledge Shoes Retailers Should Learn 

Classification of leather shoe

  • 1、 According to different wearing objects, it can be divided into men's shoe, women's shoe, children's shoe, mother-in-law's shoe, students' shoe, etc;
  • 2、 According to the grade, it can be divided into the high, medium, and low-grade shoe;
  • 3、 According to the season, it can be divided into the single shoe, cotton shoe, and sandals;
  • 4、 According to the different manufacturing process, it can be divided into sewing shoe, glued shoe, molded shoe, injection pressing shoe, vulcanized shoe, etc;
  • 5、 It can be divided into the civil shoe, military shoe, sports shoe, literature and art shoe, leisure shoe, travel shoe, labor protection shoe, etc;
  • 6、 According to the material can be divided into leather, leather, cloth.

Classification of boots:

  • 1. According to the leather surface: double-sided leather boots, single-sided leather boots, cloth plush boots, thick cotton boots;
  • 2. According to the leather material, it can be divided into three categories: reverse boots (sheepskin), elastic boots (cloth cashmere), imitation leather boots (artificial leather), calf leather boots (cow leather);
  • 3. The height of the shoe state can be divided into 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16.

Classification of leather

There is much leather can use to make shoes,But How to distinguish different kinds of leather?

(1) High-grade leather

There are kangaroo skin, lizard skin, and deerskin.

Crocodile skin and ostrich skin belong to natural animal skin. In order to maintain its natural beauty in the production process, it is basically not modified. It is inevitable that the leather material will be upward when wearing. In particular, the upper of crocodile skin can be felt zigzag (i.e. normal wearing zigzag), which is the growth characteristics of crocodile skin. It must not be zigzag, otherwise, there will be cracks.

shoe shop interiror decoration

(2)General Leather That used On shoes

Natural leather (leather):

Full leather surface, natural grain, fiber.

  • 1. Cowhide: fine grain, irregular pore arrangement, low elongation, soft and elastic surface. There are Buffalo, yellow cattle, and yak leather, in which buffalo and cattle are the majority. The grain size of cattle hide is clearer than that of buffalo hide, and the surface is fuller.
  • (1) Cattle hide: small pore, fine grain, thin surface, soft, good handle, high tensile strength, uniform thickness of each part, the small difference between parts, so the utilization rate is high.
  • (2) Buffalo hide: the hair is sparse and rough, with a large opening, thick, easy to harden, and heavy. But the fiber structure is loose and the elasticity is poor.
  • (3) Yak skin: the hair is long and thick, the fiber tissue is loose, and the position difference is large. Compared with cattle, the fiber is thinner and slightly soft, second only to cattle hide.
Sheepskin Leather

the pores are arranged in the shape of a tile cloud. It is soft and full, and its strength is weaker than that of cowhide. It can be divided into sheepskin and goatskin. The former has glossy grain and a plump surface than the latter.

  • (1) Sheepskin: the wool is dense, the skin is thin, the tensile strength is relatively low, the elongation is large; the fat content is large, so the leather is soft and comfortable.
  • (2) Goatskin: similar in appearance to coarse wool sheepskin, smooth and fine grain. The results showed that the cellulose was stronger, the braided leather was more compact than sheepskin, the leather was soft and extensible, the thickness of the neck and abdomen was different, and the sheepskin was more folding resistant.
Pigskin Leather

the pores are thick, and the finished products are arranged in a group of three. The handle of the leather surface is worse than that of cattle and sheepskin.

Other leather processing
  • (1) Oilskin: made of leather soaked in oil. It is waterproof, soft, and elastic.
  • (2) Waxing: the surface of the leather is waxed, waterproof, easy to clean, and smooth.
  • (3) Sanding: it is made from the front of cowhide, soft, and wrinkle resistant.

(3)Special leather For Shoes

  • 1. Mad cowhide: it is soft, wrinkle-resistant, and waterproof.
  • 2. Litchi skin: the leather surface is pressed into the Litchi pattern, which is beautiful and wrinkle resistant.
  • 3. Imitation deerskin: leather made from cowhide is as soft as deerskin. Advantages: soft, light, and comfortable.

(4) Artificial leather

Based on textiles, the surface is coated with chemical polyester. There is no natural grain (pores), most artificial grains (regular) feel bad, and there is no fiber (a trace of very fine meat), with imitation cloth on the back.

(5) Synthetic leather

basically the same as man-made leather, with the full surface, natural grains, irregular arrangement, and fiber on the back. All-natural leather is extensible, breathable, and absorbent.

How to Distinguishing genuine from fake leather?

  1. Eye view: there must be many and dense irregular pores on the surface of the leather, which will be more obvious if the fingers lift up the upper at a certain position;
  2. Smell: experienced people can also distinguish the true from the false on the smell of skin. The real leather has a smell of skin, which is different from the smell of paint;
  3. Feel: pinch the toe and any part of the shoe body, there will be a lot of small wrinkles, which will disappear after release.
  4. Observing the distribution and shape of pores, the pores of natural leather are deep and not easy to see the bottom, slightly inclined, and the reverse side of the leather is wool fiber; while the pores of synthetic leather are shallow and vertical, and the reverse layer is plastic or cloth base.
  5. If you wipe with water, natural leather is easy to absorb water, otherwise, it is synthetic leather.
  6. There should be some difference in the texture of natural leather, especially between the main parts and secondary parts of the shoe, such as the outer waist, upper, and tongue.

Classification of the leather shoe by manufacturer's area

1、 Classification by type

It can be divided into Chengdu edition, Chongqing edition, Guangzhou edition, Shenzhen edition, Zhejiang edition, Fujian edition, etc;

2、 By origin

It can be divided into:

  • 1. Chengdu, Chongqing version: production of women's shoe, belongs to the high-grade class;
  • 2. Guangzhou version: the production of men's and women's boutique shoe is the advanced version of high-quality products;
  • 3. Zhejiang version: production of men's and women's leather shoe, a public brand;
  • 4. Fujian version: the main production of sports shoes and men's and women's casual shoes.

Classification of general sole and heel type

   Classification of sole materials

  • 1. Rubber synthetic sole (imitation leather sole): it is a kind of high elastic material. It is light and comfortable when wearing, and it has no noise, skid resistance and wears resistance. Taking rubber as base material and adding 10-30% high styrene, this kind of sole has good elasticity, high hardness and rigidity, and its performance is very similar to natural leather.
  • 2. Tendon (Tianjin) sole: light yellow, translucent sole, beautiful appearance, and good elasticity and wear resistance, comfortable to wear. The sole can be made of rubber, plastic, or thermoplastic elastomer (TPR).
  • 3. Pu bottom: light, very elastic, poor wear resistance.
  • 4. Polyurethane lightweight wear-resistant sole: light, comfortable, and wear-resistant.
  • 5. Leather sole: light, high-grade, good air permeability, slightly poor wear resistance, comfortable to wear, suitable for high-grade suit shoe.

Classification of heel type

Can be divided into the high heel, middle heel, flat heel, slope heel, small heel, wine glass heel, thin heel, round heel, medium-thick heel, fox heel, etc.

5 three conditions of dermal marking

"Genuine leather mark" is a certified trademark registered by China Leather Industry Association in 1994 in the State Administration for Industry and commerce. It has been registered internationally in 14 countries, such as Germany, with the international registration number of 705857. It is the symbol of medium and high-grade natural leather, fur, and its products. The "genuine leather logo" proves to consumers and users the following three points:

  • (1) The product is natural leather or fur or its products;
  • (2) The product is a high-quality medium and high-grade product;
  • (3) The product enjoys a good after-sales service.

These three conditions are Trinity, and none of them is indispensable. Therefore, not all-natural top leather, fur, or leather products made from them are qualified to use "leather mark".

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Tips On Start a Shoe Store

Pay attention to the duration of the contract, generally at least 3 years, and pay special attention to that the facade does not belong to the scope of demolition. If it belongs to the demolition, you will turn around at high prices, decorate and open for business, and you will be at a loss if you can't do it for a long time!

Shoe Store Decorations Tips

After the shoe kiosk or shoe shop appearance is well done, we should ask the decoration company to decorate and design the decoration scheme. When decorating, we must pay attention to having a warehouse. The main thing for making shoes is to stock 5 pairs of shoes for a style. Therefore, generally, your store is 100 square meters, and the warehouse area is generally at least 70 square meters.

Shoe Store Design Ideas

When designing, we must consider that we can have the largest container in the limited area, and we can display more samples. We mainly sell women's shoes, sports shoes, men's shoes, counter-side cabinets, and island containers. The 1-meter side cabinet can display 10 samples, and the 1-meter side cabinet has 4 layers. In total, 40 samples can be displayed in the 1-meter side cabinet.

Shoe Store Fixtures displaying

The island cabinet is placed at the counter in the middle of the store, which is usually 4 floors. An island cabinet can display 80 samples. The island cabinet is generally made of 1.2 * 1.4, but it can be designed according to the actual pattern of the store. According to the number of samples listed above and your actual situation, you can calculate how many samples your store can be listed and how many goods you need to import!

Shoe store racks organization

Generally speaking, a 100 square meter store starts to load goods. It takes 1000 samples before it can be covered. A total of 5000 pairs of shoes are needed as inventory. Generally, the purchase is in the major provincial-level large-scale leather shoe wholesale market in various regions. When you arrive at the wholesale market, you can go to see the goods and find out which products are good to sell and which ones have styles.

Display Products in an attractive way

When it comes to purchasing goods, if you go there for the first time, I will tell you a very clever door. You will go to the wholesale market for a few days every morning to see which one has more people and send more goods to different places. Then write down his house number and brand, and then go back to study and study it well. After that, you can decide which shoe brand to put on, and then go to negotiate cooperation with various agents.

Tips on Running Shoe Store Business

When you are negotiating, you'd better talk about your own ideas, and if necessary, you can also brag. Because now people are very realistic and like to cooperate with powerful people. If you don't have strength and experience, you will not cooperate with you. Everything is difficult at the beginning. As long as you go out bravely and learn to walk like a child, as long as you step bravely out of the first place No, no matter fall, or success, you will eventually learn to walk!

Different Between shoe store and shoe centers

shoe retail center and shoe store are two different things. For an individual shoe store, no matter how you position yourself, 100 styles are not less. I have been making shoes for many years, and I know more about the import and export of shoes. If the shoe retail center is aimed at retail, you will not lose you. Even if you have a big life, you can count it. According to your description of a prefecture-level city, There are no less than 100 shoe stores? How many are selling genuine shoes? How many are selling imitation shoes? I believe that there are fewer genuine ones.

In fact, anyone who has been in the shoe business and has a normal mind should know what a shoe retail center is. To put it bluntly, it is to gather people who sell shoes to a mall. For example, I feel tired when I lift it up... Let's go to the shoe retail center near you. Real retail is totally different. For example, the feet of southerners are small, and the size of shoe they use is too small, You have to consider the size of the product when you buy it,

Understand your market

It's reasonable to say that Chinese people don't buy many genuine products, so it may be different for different regions. But the overall domestic shoe market is like this. However, the domestic market is definitely no longer an era when the style is novel and the quality doesn't care. It was the 1990s of TMD. As far as our city is concerned, we have already entered the era of coexistence of quality and style, The price is around 150, which is acceptable to everyone. This is the mainstream market. If it is only for 30 to 100 yuan, it is purely business for high school students.

shoe shop stands

Research on Consuming ability

As for the channel of purchasing goods, we'd better take the goods from the shoe retail center around or in the provincial capital city, which is more stable (for retailers). If you want to do wholesale, then please go straight to Putian, Fujian Province, and 1000 pairs will be enough for your wholesale

On another note, shoe retail center owners are generally real estate developers, in fact, this is easy to understand, ordinary people do a shoe retail center, rent such a large place from others, and then go to the manufacturer to order, easily more than 1000 styles, the risk is not lower than speculation stocks.

My third uncle's shoe retail center has three floors (self-developed). Each floor is about 2000 square meters. Every 40 square meters is a shop. The third floor is a warehouse. The rent of each shop is 6000 (near the railway station and bus station).

But the shoe retail center's investment is direct to Putian, Fujian Province because there are a lot of people engaged in the wholesale shoes in Putian, now shoe retail center basically monopolizes the wholesale of the shoe in our region. For business people, no call is the market, consumption, venture capital, and risk aversion.

Bestselling shoe categories.

Sports shoes, except for Adi Nike, we can't get them. Other sports shoes can be obtained in large wholesale markets. We only sell more than 100 Jinlaike, but the exclusive store is expensive! So, there are many students here to buy shoe! On the university campus, you can open a store specializing in sports. You can choose several good brands, such as the noble bird,  361 degrees, Jinlaike, Delphi, and other middle-class sports shoes. Regardless of its style or price, they are more popular with students!

Of course, there are a few people who can afford Nike? Hehe, up to now, I haven't worn them. I suggest that you'd better sell sports shoes. You should take some styles for each brand. Don't take too much at one time. Sell them slowly. You can also sell popular skateboard shoe for boys and girls, calico shoes. The price is 35-90, and the price is about 15-50! The profit is considerable! In fact, selling low price shoes, profit also high shoe!

Maker a proper price range

You think the purchase price is 30, I sell 60, you don't think it is expensive, the purchase price is 150, I buy 200, you may feel expensive! Yes, it is common people have a feeling! Women's shoes, to sell more fashionable, I suggest you do not mix up, because you have limited experience! Purchase to the provincial wholesale market! Don't go too far away, it will cost you a lot! In the school can do promotional activities, membership cards and so on!

When it comes to appearance, the next step is decoration. The decoration is actually very simple. Finish the ceiling and then the floor. When decorating the sky and the ground, find the furniture factory to order the goods counter in advance. The shoe counter can be made by the manufacturer, and the shoe needs to be made by ourselves! That depends on the relationship between you and the manufacturer! If we want to build a shoe retail center with more than 100 square meters, we will sell sports shoes, women's shoes,s and men's shoes. The proportion is about 25% \ 25% \ 50%.

Brand name your products and shop

I usually choose one or two good brands, such as Adi, and others sell low-cost sports shoe, skateboard shoe, casual shoe, cloth shoe, etc. women's shoe mainly sell fashion shoes, mainly Guangzhou shoe,s and Chengdu shoe, and can also match some Shenyang shoe. Middle-aged shoe account for a small proportion, an old-age shoe can take some. Men's shoe mainly sells casual shoe It's aimed at mass consumers, because China is not so developed that everyone can consume medium and high-end products such as spider king, red dragonfly, Okon, and Adi, Nike, fed, Daphne and Bailey.

Therefore, our consumer groups are mainly ordinary mass consumers. Although the price of each pair of shoes is not high, our consumer groups are more than high-end consumer groups. As long as there is enough, you can't make money! What I admire most is the Wenzhou people. Why do they all make money? The secret is that as long as there is a penny of profit, they do it! Therefore, they will make money. Otherwise, how can Yiwu become famous all over the world?

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Get Top Quality Shoe Store Furniture From Ant

It's much easier to do shoe business than to make clothes retail kiosk! Clothing styles, colors, and other patterns, a wide range of brands, different styles! So it's too difficult to make clothes, especially fashion. If you don't do it well, you will lose money! If you think about it, the shoe is just a little bit of area, and the pattern design has certain limitations. All the shoes, especially men's shoes, are very simple in style. Thousands of pairs of men's shoes are put together, and the unique styles with real style and characteristics do not call out hundreds of kinds.

Market Research

Women's shoes are not much different, a few years ago popular pointed, manufacturers do shoes are pointed! From the previous year, the popularity of round head, now women's shoes are basically round head, maybe the next year will start to popular small square head, to walk in the streets are small square head! Therefore, when purchasing goods, it is much easier to handle the styles. When purchasing goods, go to the front of various agents and ask them to see which one has more people, fashionable style, and moderate price, so you can boldly deliver the goods.

In the beginning, you'd better negotiate with the agent about the exchange rate. The replacement time is usually 15-30 days. Generally, a set of codes can't be faded after selling a pair. Sometimes the relationship between the agent and the agent is good. If the relationship between you and the agent is good, you can sign the order after a long time. For example, we sign the order when we purchase goods, and we usually settle with the agent in one month We are both honest!

Franchise and grow big

The agent said that he was a big wholesaler. They brought in the goods from the manufacturer and then wholesale them to us. The profit of a pair of shoe wholesale was generally 20-30%, and some of them would be higher than that. They were the same as the manufacturers. Some of them were cash in stock with the manufacturers, and some were paid monthly.

Therefore, the pressure on their products is bigger than ours. The new products made by the manufacturers are good-looking and sell well. If they are not accepted by the market, they will be mixed in! For example, sandals are usually sold in April, and they are sold in large quantities before 5.1. So are we. We started to put on a large number of sandals a week before 5.1. When 5.1 is hot, we sell them on sale. Starting in June, we start to control replenishment. Basically, we replenish the ones that are particularly good to sell, but we need to control the ones that are not. I will pay attention to the sales every day Pay attention to the stock situation.

Find Good Suppler

At the end of June, we have to communicate with the agent. Because at the end of June, we have controlled the order, and the manufacturer has already stopped the order to develop an autumn style. Therefore, the agent should have more stock. At this time, in order to ensure that there is no pressure on the goods, the stock of shoe will be sold to us at a very low price, and some of them are when we take the goods in front of us 80, maybe 40 now, or some are cheaper!

So, at this time, if the weather and sales forecast are good, I can take a shoe to deal with the goods. I can start to sell them at a good price when I take them back. In July, the discount will be started. If it is not easy to sell, the price will be reduced first. When the large-scale model is processed in August when the price is much lower than before, the inventory is not much Many of them are usually taken to deal with the goods!

Therefore, when you walk on the street and see us in a crazy discount, you may suspect that we have lost a lot, in fact, the loss is a few, the profit is still the majority. Some shoe is indeed lost, especially not easy to sell, and sometimes sell more at a loss, but basically make a lot of money. Otherwise, I will not serve the people! 

Profit is the final result

At the peak time, I sold more than 400 pairs of shoes a day. Now, basically, they are new styles in the last autumn. The first 15 days have started to put on new products. Now, 80% of my store is a new autumn style. Now, I mainly sell students' shoes, sports shoes,s, and casual shoes. When I was at the peak, I had more than 3000 pairs of shoes in stock, but now there are still more than 100 pairs, even now I don't want to sell it. I have 5000 yuan in stock at most, but I still sell it every day. In the end, I want to return 50 pairs at most!

Maybe, some friends say I'm bragging. Maybe your store is not as ideal as I am. Then you have to look good and consider adjusting your own ideas. Do you have any ideas in doing business? In business, there are many tricks and experience is very important. If you do the same shop, you may need to stock more than 1000 pairs later. I will do it. Maybe the inventory will be more than 100. If he comes to do it, he may not have any inventory!


In business, you should pay special attention to the stock. Otherwise, in the end, all he earns is goods. A friend of mine also makes shoes. His store has a lot of shoes, some of which are from five years ago. I told him many times that he wanted him to sell them cheaper. But he still has a lot of them. However, it doesn't matter that the inventory of shoes in those years is too big. For example, I took out the single shoe in stock a few days ago Come on, there are still some people who are buying. The styles of last year and this year have basically not changed a lot. What has changed is the accessories. Therefore, people who are not very professional sometimes can't tell which are old products!