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Lot's of Vendors are lack of Shoe shop decoration experience or has little knowledge of the shoe displays and shoe store decoration design. Shoe store decorations are not just put in some display cabinet, display racks, or make a shoe store interior design. Different shoes require different display stand, While different products ask for different customer groups. In these procedures, Shop decorations play an important role. As a result, no budget before decoration led to serious overspending; after decoration, the wall coating was colorful and colorful, but after a long time, it was dizzy and smelly. or Moldy at the corner of the wall. Even There is electricity leakage in some places. Therefore, you should acknowledge enough experience before you furnish your shoe store. Here are five common problems in shoe shop decoration

shoe store displays

Immediate Start Without a Plan

Never start build a house without a plan.  Same in the decorations industry. Many shoe shop owners have not planned to carry out the decoration immediately. They are at a loss when they choose the decoration style. They don't know which style is more suitable for them. They all depend on their likes and dislikes. As a result, the decoration effect is far from what they expected. Besides, the decoration budget will be overspent.

Therefore, shoe shop owners should not rush to decorate. They should consult the designer according to the room type and determine the decoration style according to their own personality, including the decorative materials used, the purchase and placement of furniture, and other details. Then combined with the decoration style and its own economic capacity, determine the budget, and try to control the budget in the construction process.

Next, entrust a decoration company with a good reputation, reliable construction quality, and fair price to make clear your capital investment and the functional requirements of the house. The decoration company will design and decorate it for you. In the process of decoration, we should often go to the site and consult with the construction unit at any time. According to living habits, we should improve some original imperfect places to obtain the most ideal decoration effect.

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Choose Cheap & Low-Price Displays

In fact, many decoration disputes are caused by consumers' greedy psychology. For example, in order to save money, hire an unlicensed construction team for decoration.

These construction teams are usually called "guerrillas" and usually have only three or five people. When undertaking projects, they first attract customers with low prices and promise that they will install whatever they want. Once an agreement is reached, the decoration problems such as inferior materials will appear one after another, and some even use the remaining materials from the decoration of the last shoe store owner.

Secondly, according to the contract, when the completion is delayed, the construction front is getting longer and longer. In terms of environmental protection, many shoe store owners can't operate normally for a few months after the decoration, because the indoor smell makes the guests dare not breathe normally.

Experts advise the prospective shoe store owners: every cent of goods. You can't save money on decoration.

Exact Copy & Imitate Other Shops

Appropriate reference and reference is necessary, but can not blindly imitate. A good decorative effect is reflected in the use of materials, color matching, layout arrangement, lighting configuration, decoration furnishings, green plant decoration, and personality. The same decorative modeling, in other people's housing, appears symmetrical and appropriate, but used in their own home can only give people the feeling of disorder.

Experts suggest that timely communication between shoe store owners and designers is very important. Before the construction, the shop owner should inform the designer of his needs in time, and reach a consensus with the designer according to the type of shoes he manages, the brand and what accessories need to be added, so as to truly decorate the shop suitable for him.

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Always dreamed One For All Work

Shoe shop decoration, it is easy to go into a misunderstanding, always want to "one step in place", do a room full of cabinets and some fixed counters.

Decoration should be adjusted according to the change of environment. Changing the matching shoe accessories in different seasons will make the guest's mood feel fresh with the change of decoration style; the change of the times will lead to a new home fashion trend, and the design concept and style will change; more importantly, when there are more and more shoes, how to reasonably divide and use the space of the house needs to be readjusted by the host.

Therefore, experts suggest that new house decoration must be "left blank" to adapt to future changes and leave enough space. One time complete decoration will cause a lot of waste, will also let the owner in the re-planning of the house, on the one hand, do not know how to design, on the other hand, also reluctant to discard the outdated furniture. This is also often said that "light hard, heavy soft".

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Blindless  Comparison

Many people like to follow suit when they decorate their houses. When they see others pursuing luxury, they blindly pursue it. Regardless of their own actual situation, the decoration of a house costs hundreds of thousands of yuan. In fact, excessive consumption is very immature consumer psychology of prospective shoe store owners.

In fact, modern decoration pays attention to "light decoration and heavy decoration", many parts really do not need a "big fight". For example, the interior of most houses is only more than 2 meters high, so it is not appropriate to do the decoration of the "ceiling". Even if the ceiling is beautiful, it is easy to give people a sense of depression. It is better to decorate some wood or gypsum ornaments. The decoration materials may not be the higher the better. Using high-quality and low-cost materials can save tens of Bucks per square meter. It is more practical and beautiful to use this money to buy some high-grade atmospheric furniture and electrical appliances.

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