The main consideration of shoe shop layout is how to create a good shopping place under the existing space environment. In general, the shoe store layout should basically set up a goods display area, customer service area, cashier area, storage area, image promotion, or window display area. In addition, we must consider the route of customers' going and exiting when browsing goods. Of course, shoe stores of different sizes or positioning may omit some regional layout. No matter how different the layout of each shoe store is, the ultimate principles to be followed are the same:

  • First, stimulate customers' desire to try on and buy.
  • Second, it is convenient for customers to browse and check the goods styles, which is convenient for customers to provide services for customers;
  • Third, the rational use of limited space to realize the maximization of benefits.shoe store design

Shoe Store Layout Arrangements.

The display of goods can be divided according to the category of goods, such as women's shoe area, men's shoe area, children's shoe area, wrapping area, etc. But at present, there are many types of product mix and match adopted by many brands. For example, shoes, clothes, and accessories are put together according to the product style, which well interprets the commodity characteristics and style. However, this is only limited to a few special styles, because it will take up a large area. In addition, the height or area of the new and best-selling models to be placed must be different from that of the broken code or the market. In short, the purpose of the goods display is to make the goods realize their own value!

4 Tips To Shoe Store Products Display

Effective product display can arouse consumers' desire to buy and prompt them to take purchase actions. However, all display racks must not violate the characteristics of consumers' psychological activities, so chain stores must follow some basic principles when doing merchandise displays. Below we introduce seven basic principles: profitability, display points, attractiveness, effective display, product matching, clear at a glance, cleanliness, and hygiene.

The profitable principle

  1. The display must really help increase store sales.
  2. Strive to use the best display location of the store for the sales of the main products.
  3. Pay attention to recording specific display methods and exhibits that can increase sales. 4. Keep reminding the store of merchandise display to help profitability.

The principle of display points

  1. Good display point: the shelf position of the wall and the line of sight facing the direction of the host flow (and the display surface covered by 65 degrees on both sides of the radiation centered on this viewpoint), the booth of the main aisle, and the cash register The booths next to them are good to display points.
  2. Promotional display points: the booth facing the door, the rear area of ​​the longwall display, the booth between the two main aisles, etc.
  3. Poor display points: warehouse (or workshop) entrances and exits, corners with poor lighting, blind corners at the bottom of deep shops, small deep spaces with too many shops, etc.

Three, the principle of attraction

  1. Existing products are fully placed in a centralized manner to highlight their momentum.
  2. The style and benefits of the brand's products will be fully displayed during display.
  3. Cooperate with space display and make full use of advertising materials to attract customers' attention.
  4. Irregular display methods can be used for special promotion items, which can strengthen the meaning of special offers.

Fourth, the principle of effective display

  • When the customer is standing naturally, the range within reach is about 60cm to 180cm from the floor. This space is an effective display range. Therefore, displaying key products in this space is the secret to increasing sales. Conversely, the spaces below 60cm and above 180cm are hard-to-reach spaces for customers, and most of them display non-key products.
  • Among the above effective display ranges, the most accessible range is the space of 80cm to 120cm, which is called the golden belt. This part is used to display best-selling commodities or key commodities and seasonal commodities, aiming at the goal of increasing sales. Above and below the golden belt, it is generally used to display semi-key commodities or general commodities.
  • the most visible, the width of the left and right field of vision is about 60 degrees, so the relationship between the width of the field of vision is shown in the figure below. The standing place (the position of the eyes) is 20cm away from the showcase. Therefore, at a distance of 60cm, that is, 80cm from the eye position, there will be a 90cm width of sight range, and a distance of 90cm will make it easy to see a 130cm width range.shoe shop design

Shoe Store Display Fixtures Display Skills 

If you want other people to see your products and attract people's attention, it's not enough just to have good products, because you also need beautiful display methods and more novel display platforms. Take shoe experts as an example, we really have to pay attention to the basic skills of placing display cabinets in shoe stores.

The shoe store display cabinet must be placed in a conspicuous place. If you attend a trade fair, or mall retail shoe kiosks the position may be fixed. However, the angle of the shoe bag you choose is very important. Choose an angle that can fully show the original appearance of the shoes. Do not choose the dark side, but choose the side with better lighting conditions, so as to effectively enhance the attraction and attraction of shoes The human eye.

The retail shop shoe display cabinet should pay attention to the height of the display. The placement height also determines the user's feelings. For example, if the shoe bag is too high and there are too many types of shoes, people will feel dense and do not want to choose. However, if the number of shoes placed in the shoe bag is just right, the space is not good, and the height is moderate, it can provide users with more flexible choices The perception of the sub will be higher, and the probability of placing an order naturally will be greater.

Shoe store fixtures should pay attention to the spacing. The space between different display cabinets should be kept appropriate, not too small to make people feel crowded. It is also necessary to ensure that the display cabinets have a certain sense of spatial hierarchy. Other accessories can be placed next to the display cabinets to improve the visual effect. Can refer to a part of the relatively high-end cosmetics display cabinet placement skills.