shoes display stands

Shoes are a must for human beings. They have important functions to maintain the feet. It is very necessary to buy a good pair of shoes. Nowadays, there are more shoe store items on the market, with all kinds of shoes, which can meet the shopping needs of different consumers and are loved and purchased by consumers. The sales and business of the shoe store in the market are very hot, and the operators have reaped great wealth from it. With such strong competition in the apparel market, investing in a shoe store is very promising, and it is a good brand that can easily start a business and become rich.

What are the requirements for opening a shoe store?

Opening a shoe store has low investment costs, high returns, and a promising future for investment. It is a good brand that can get rich quickly. Entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a shoe store must not miss such a good start-up brand.

Funds, Without sufficient funds, everything can't be done well. You can proceed to the next step only if you have enough expenses.

Good place, to open a shoe store, entrepreneurs must also have a suitable business place. With a suitable business place, investors can bring their personal certificates and house lease contracts to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to apply for a business license. After having a business license, the shop can be officially decorated and operated.

Suppliers, open shoe stores, entrepreneurs also need to find a suitable source of supply and a stable source of supply, so that it will be more convenient to return and exchange goods, and the operator will also have a guarantee.

Furniture, a shoe store must have better furniture, only good furniture can reflect the effect of the entire store. Can reflect the advantages of shoes.

Opening a shoe store is an investment brand that has made progress for a long time. Entrepreneurs must operate well.

The Detailed of the Shoes Shop

The whole shop mainly has laminate display, glass display, modeling display, and a cash register with LOGO. The color of the whole shop is mainly orange and white. The theme of the store is the same as the LOGO.


the main substrate is MDF, and the exterior is baking paint. The advantages of baking paint are bright color, strong visual impact, good surface finish, and easy scrubbing.


the shop size is 5x10m, we can customize the shop furniture according your shop size.


When you enter the store, there is a glass display in the middle, which can display the more popular shoes in the store, or the more high-end shoes. On the right wall, there is a laminate display, which can display different types of shoes. In the front is the cash register, and there is a corresponding shelf display on the back wall. In the middle is a door where you can put storage. On the left is a modeling display frame, this display can put hats, and high heels, etc. There is also an aluminum trough board display, which can also be used to hang hats and display hats.


For the logo, we use acrylic luminous LOGO and acrylic non-luminous LOGO.

There are some information maybe you want to know

A: How to guarantee the quality problem?

B:We will use the good material quality for you, and provide the perfect craftsmanship for you.

from the beginning of the design, we are designed in accordance with the requirements of the mall.  Your materials, sizes we are in accordance with the needs of the mall. After we confirm the design, we produce according to the drawings. In Generally, our kiosk meet the requirements of the mall.

A: I want to know the problems with shipping and getting out of customs

B: about the customs clearance, We will provide any documents needed for customs clearance, such as packing list, invoice and bill of lading. If you are door to door, our agent will deal with the related problems of customs clearance. Our agent will send the shop furniture directly to the location of the market unloading.

A: How about the Installation?

B:About the installation, before we ship the shop furniture to you, we will install it in our factory. I will also take a production photo or video to you. When you receive the furniture, you just connect the wire, then connect the main line to the mall power cord.