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Shoes are as necessities of our lives as clothes. With the improvement of people's consumption level, the demand for shoes is also increasing. Especially for women, almost every girl has many pairs of shoes at the same time. Compared to opening a shoe store, many people will choose to open a retail shoe kiosk firstly. It only needs small space, some shoe display stands and racks, no need for complicated decoration, and the rent is much lower than the shop. You can save a lot of money. And it is usually located in the corridors of shopping malls and has a large passenger flow. If you are just starting a shoe business, opening a stand for shoe display is a good choice.

Shoes retail business is one of the most popular businesses in the mall. People go to shipping mall as usually will go clothes store and shoe store. In addition to selling shoes, there are now many other related businesses, such as shoeshine, sell shoe polish, repair shoes, etc. So there are also many shoes shine booths, shoe polish kiosks, shoe repair booths opened every year.

Ant display limited was established in 2004, It is a company specializing in customizing retail shoe display cabinets used in shopping malls. We have our own factory and professional design team, we can customize any style you want, from shoe display rack&shelves to shoe display stand to shoe display kiosk or shoe display cabinet, or retail shoes shop fixture, we all can make. Here we have different materials, colors, styles for your choice, you can get what you want. Our design team will follow your needs and your mall requirements to design the shoe display booth. We already designed and did many shoe kiosks, browsing our website you will find many styles, they may give you some inspiration.

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The mall retail kiosk is mainly used for marketing purposes, and it generally has the functions of display, promotion, and storage at the same time. A shoe kiosk is mainly used to display and sell shoes, it needs to have display shelves or racks to display shoes, need have cabinets to put stock. To help sales, it also needs to have a logo sign, advertising light boxes, etc. There will have many shoe kiosks opening in a mall, so how do you attract customers to choose your kiosk to buy shoes? The first thing people see is your shoe kiosk. If your shoe display booth looks very unique and beautiful, people will be very interested in walking towards your kiosk. So find a good supplier to help you customize a nice shoe display stand is very important.

mall shoe kiosk

Why you can choose Ant display limited to make the shoe kiosk for you?

1.Most favorable factory price supply you

We are a direct factory, there is no trading company earns the profit, so we can give you the most favorable cost price. We are located in an industrial agglomeration area. There are many raw material suppliers around us, such as wood production factories, glass production factories, and metal production factories. We can obtain high-quality raw materials at the best prices, so we can give you the most favorable factory price.

2.Strict quality control to give you nice work

Our material supplier is a large-scale high-quality material supplier that has been cooperating for 12 years, and we have carefully selected them before cooperating with them. We use high-density, high-hardness wood; military-grade stainless steel and high-quality tempered glass. We have a strict quality inspection department, from the production of wooden cabinets to surface treatment, to installation, every step is checked and audited by quality inspectors to ensure that every detail is done.

3.Professional design team give design you want

Our design team has 12 years of design experience, and they are very familiar with the structure and design points of each shoe display kiosk. You can tell us if you have any requirements, such as what size you want, how you want to match colors, what style you want, and how to layout. Our design team will add our design inspiration according to your requirements to present you with a very unique and beautiful design. Ant display is committed to serving every customer well, and we would like to cooperate with you for a long time. Because everyone's ideas and needs are different, kiosks customized according to your requirements is generally very unique and practical. We will do detailed design and drawing follow your mall requirements and guideline, so the kiosk will match your mall rules.

4.Easy assemble help you save time

Many of our customers will ask how to install, is it difficult to install? It's not difficult at all. why? We will install before transportation, we will assemble the lights, wires, glass, logo, signs, we will finish all inside counter, shelves and cabinets assemble. But the kiosk is big, we couldn’t pack it a whole piece, we will have to divide the kiosk into several sections. We will number each section and send you a guideline with the kiosk together. After you received you just need to put these sections follow the layout, and connect wires between each counter, then connect your mall electricity then can use. No need to assemble any other things. This will help you save a lot of time.

5.A responsible sales team gives you the best service

  • Anytime you have needs, you just text us or email us, we will reply and help you at the first time
  • During design, any places you feel not so satisfied can find us, we will modify for you
  • During production, we will keep update you on the production progress; after production finished we will show videos and many photos for you to check
  • After you received the kiosk, any problems or need help can find us, we will try best to help
  • We can help you store and load your other goods with kiosk together, this way can help you save shipping cost


What Kind Of Shoe Business You can Do In Mall?

1.Shoe retail

Every people need to wear shoes, make a shoe kiosk to sell shoes is a good idea if you want to start a shoe business.

2.Shoes fix&repair

Since all people need to wear shoes, the corresponding shoes need to be repaired if they are broken, especially some expensive shoes. In order to meet this demand, correspondingly, many people choose to do shoe repair business. Repairing shoes do not require brand effect like selling shoes. It focuses more on service, so it is a very nice choice.

3.Shoe shine

When you enter the mall, you will find many shoe kiosk also do shoe shine. We all know that leather shoes need maintenance and shine, if you have no experience to sell shoes, can do shoe shine, it is easy to learn.

shoe shine kiosk

4.Sell shoe polish

Shoe polish can help maintain shoes and make them last longer, so they are very popular. People who have leather shoes will need shoe polish, so you can also choose to make a kiosk to sell shoe polish.


Contact us to start your business

If you want to start a shoe business and don’t know how to start, just feel free to contact us. Our sales team will guide you and help you with the whole progress.