The name of the store is very important. The store name usually appears first on the shop front signage. A name with a high degree of generalization and strong appeal plays an important role in consumers' visual stimulation and psychological impact. It can give people a beautiful enjoyment, attract customers, expand sales, and play an important role to the first "salesman" role. 

Ancient retail business houses paid great attention to using encouraging and smooth words to imply their own business. At that time, most shops used "Easy," "Great," "Best," and "Cool" to make pleasant auspiciousness. Modern management is also very particular about giving their stores a concise, fresh, and distinctive store name. 

As a retail store, naming is also a university question. The name should be elegant and trendy, which can carve into customers' deep minds. Therefore, A good store name must be suitable for the level of its target customers, suitable for its business purpose and sentiment, And to establish a good image for the store and enhance its attractiveness to customers.

coffee shop name

Here are four principles that you can follow to choose a Store Name:

Easy to read & remember

The principle of easy-to-read and easy-to-remember is the most fundamental requirement for a store name. Only when a store name is easy to read and remember can it effectively perform its identification and communication functions.

How to make the store name easy to read and remember? It would help if you did the following: Concise-the name is simple, concise, and clear, easy to communicate with consumers, and the shorter the name, the more likely the customer's reverie and the richer the meaning. 

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Typically, Retail Store names generally use 1 to 4Words or several letters; The unique store name should have unique modifications, avoid collaboration, and avoid confusion with other store names to be in the minds of the Bright public impression. 

The store name should also be Innovative, with a sense of the times or catch up with the trend of the times, create new concepts. Most importantly, It should be designed loud and bold, with a high starting point, impact, and strong, giving people a sense of shock.

Display Product attributes 

The name of the store should also imply a certain performance and purpose of the product display. The obvious problem is that the more a masterpiece describes a certain product, the more difficult it is for this masterpiece to extend to other products. 

Therefore, when naming the store, the store owner should not use the store name to overly imply the types and attributes of the products to be operated. Otherwise, it will be detrimental to the further development of the enterprise. 

However, in the clothing industry, if the clothing store deals in a certain type of clothing and is for a certain class of customers, it can be named for the customers to know the type of the store? "Ladies House" is such a successful example. In addition to reflecting the type, but also reflecting the characteristics of the clothing store.

Inspiring Association

It means that the store's name must have a certain meaning so that consumers can associate it from medium to pleasant, rather than negative associations, asking for an auspicious name. But be aware that sometimes it is an auspicious name from one language, but it will have a negative meaning when read in another language. In this case, if you want to enter the market in a different region, you must change your name.

Mr. Zeng Xianzi said: "To create a famous brand, you must first choose a good name." Jinlilai was originally called Golden Lion. One day, I gave two golden lion ties to one of my relatives, and he was very upset. Said: "I don't bring your tie! Gold loses, gold loses, and everything is lost." It turns out that the pronunciation of "lion" and "lose" in the Hong Kong dialect is similar, and my relative is a betting horse. There are a lot of people in Hong Kong who gamble on horse races. They are very taboo about "losing." I didn't sleep all night that night, so I racked my brains to change the name, Dolton. Finally, GOLD-LION was changed to a combination of free translation and transliteration. That is, GOLD means gold, and LION has a good pronunciation. Everyone quickly accepted this name. There are many businessmen from all walks of life. Who doesn't want "Golden lion"?

Symbolic Features

 The symbol refers to the store name that can be identified but cannot be expressed in words, such as the red LED backlit sign logo of Coca-Cola, the eye-catching yellow M of McDonald's, the apple with a missing piece of the Apple brand, and the three-pointed staring of Mercedes-Benz. When the store name can stimulate and maintain the recognition function of the store logo, the overall effect of the store is strengthened.

Besides, the principle of adapting to the market environment and the principle of being protected by law are also two very important principles that should be paid attention to when designing a store name.

If you want to give a good name for your retail business, learn more from your products, going to the street, and find what's the most attractive name that inspires you. And combined to find out an easy read and remember the shop name. 

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