Jiexi is an upstart jewellery brand specializing in the wedding market segment, belongs to Tianjin Dongbai Jewelry. From model design to image shaping, all efforts are directed towards the proposition of how to create a "model of Chinese wedding jewelry"; "There will be a knot at the moment of great joy", a straightforward brand appeal, elegant, cordial, highly recognizable, and pure. With a Chinese-style brand design, Kiexi will indeed become a dark horse in the wedding jewellery category. Based on the Year of the Horse, it will gallop and show its ambitions.

Wedding Ring Jewelry Store Interior Design

Find the best jewelry store design for wedding ring and other diamonds. 

 jewelry store design for wedding ring

 jewelry store design for wedding ring

 jewelry store design for wedding ring

Retail Jewelry Showcase concept Design For Wedding Ring

 jewelry showcase design for wedding ring

Jewelry Pedestal showcase design for hotselling products.

 jewelry cabinet design for wedding ring

Jiexi's brand genes are intercepted from the most popular line of love poems passed down in the history of China-Bai Juyi's "Song of Everlasting Sorrow": a lovebird in the sky, a joint branch in the land; the poetry is transforming into a recognizable graphic language, The winged birds may pass through auspicious clouds, or stop to connect components, implanting the yearning for beautiful love into the visual genes of the brand in a visual language. Convey the brand's business positioning and cultural appeal to consumers.