Hengrun Jewelry originated from Hong Kong, China, was founded in 1983. Hong Kong Hengrun Jewelry started as a gold processing business at the beginning of its creation. After 30 years of refinement and the rapid economic growth of Hong Kong, Hengrun has shaped itself into A strong brand of multi-category, integrated, comprehensive jewellery brand. And Entered the Chinese mainland market to expand its territory to seize the upcoming jewellery market.

Luxury Retail Store Interior Design For Gold Jewelry

"Fashion cycle, classic eternity" is Hengrun Jewelry's emphasis on business style. Classics always run through the product concept of Hengrun Jewelry. Its style is simple and unique, dazzling, and interprets the classics and respects fashion. Hengrun Jewelry is determined to witness jewellery fashion with Hong Kong quality and provide the Chinese with the most classic jewellery appreciation options.

Hi-end attractive shop front design/ jewelry shop signage design.

Luxury jewelry store design

Entrance area jewelry display showcase design.

Luxury jewelry Retail store design

Jewelry store island counter retail jewelry kiosk design.

Luxury jewelry shop design

4 pieces of Curved jewelry display showcase to make a round display kiosk, customer can easy moving around. 

Luxury jewelry store fixtures design

luxury jewelry store reception desk design. mobile stone perefcet combined with golden stainless steel to create a unique geogerous reception area. 

Luxury jewelry shopfitting design

Pedestal display showcase design, slim leg are perfect support to form a elegant display cases.

Luxury jewelry stands design

Luxury jewelry retail showcase design

Luxury jewelry shop display design

Resting area design with sofa and orgnic shape coffee table.

Luxury jewelry store counters

Hengrun Jewelry: Fashion Reincarnation, Classic Eternal

In early 2014, Hengrun and Jiuyue signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and Ant Display officially became a think tank that helped Hengrun Jewellery compete in the Chinese market. To this end, Ant Display has carried out a systematic body shaping plan for Hengrun. The specific work includes brand repositioning, logo image combing, terminal space customization, etc.; Ant Display tailor-made a new image for Hengrun that is high-end without losing affinity. The style is grand, international and simple.

In the future, Hengrun will surely become a novel force in the mainland jewellery market, and it will be a hot spot from China and all over the world.

Whether you need a jewelry shop design or looking for store fixtures, come to Ant Display , we have all your needs covered!