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Purple Modern Popsicle Counter Newest Mall Ice Cream Kiosk

Purple Modern Popsicle Counter Newest Mall Ice Cream Kiosk

Modern Bubble Tea Kiosk Mall Juice Bar Ice Cream Bar For Sale

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Do you want a kiosk in the mall to sell the bubble tea, ice ream and juice? The cold drink is very popular in the summer. The young people like to drink very much. So if you have one kiosk with good design, it is good for your business. Let me show you one mall drink kiosk.

The design of the bubble tea kiosk

The design is very beautiful, modern and fantastic. Let’s have a view on its layout. In the front side, there is one big display cabinets to show the soft ice cream. There are many small holes to put different delicious tastes. One cash register and the menu is near the cabinet. People can order the food and take here. One brand logo sign is below the cash register. It can be seen by people easily. On the right side corner, still logo side on the top, and the light box can show many different bubble tea, , juice and ice cream catalogue with different price. People can have a look at the light box first and choose what they want eat. At the left counter, you can put fruits material for the juice and bubble tea making, one juice machine is near it. It is convenient for the staff to work. At the back, it is a big bubble tea machine. The sinks are at the back, you can wash the materials and make some leaning from here. The kiosk is enough big to do the business and put so many equipment. The color of kiosk is wood stripe. It looks very nice. At the back of the kiosk, there are many seats for the customers to sit. One special design is that there are the lights design for the tables and seats. It is a thoughtful idea for customers.

If you want the design like this style or other styles, please contact us to talk about more details.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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