perfume furniture

Perfume is an extremely luxurious and elegant product. Many perfumes are national brands and are very popular. Regardless of the brand, the price is expensive. Perfume is not only for men but also for women. Many of the scents of passersby we smell on the street are the smell of perfume. It can increase our own charm. With the popularity of perfumes retail, there are more and more perfume shops and perfume kiosks join the business. 

Many stores will be decorated according to the products they sell, in order to better fit the theme of our products. Perfume, like a jewellery store, is a symbol of gorgeousness and elegance. So when we design the store, we can design it in this appealing style.

perfume store

Perfume Store Theme

Different colours give people different feelings. Colors will give people different feelings such as cold and warmth, expansion and contraction, lightness and weight, softness and hardness, gorgeousness and simplicity, excitement and calmness.

If you want customers to feel what you want, we can start with the color of the store. If you want to present a high-class ancient and elegant effect, we can choose a darker color. Such as blue, brown, and black as the wall, floor, or ceiling color. Gold can be used as a color palette to brighten the whole shop. We all know that gold is also a color that looks very advanced. In the use of furniture, it is often used in jewelry shops, perfume shops or makeup shops, and other types of storefronts. The main colors of this store are gold and black. The same is true for the choice of furniture color.

perfume shop

Furniture Color

The color of our furniture must match the color of the shop so that it looks harmonious. The color of this store is black and gold, and our furniture can also use this color. The combination of black and gold is one of the most common and matching colors. It just so happens that the customer's logo is also golden, so it is very coordinated to use furniture of the same color.

Display Furniture Style

All of our furniture can be customized, so when we design the store, we will also design the furniture inside. If the customer has no idea, our designer will design suitable furniture according to the floor plan of the store.

The main piece of furniture in this store is the tall display cabinet against the wall. They are shelf displays. Each laminate has a warm light strip, which can make the golden color more obvious. These display cabinets also have a certain shape, which looks more like a Nordic style.

There is only a low display table in the middle of the store. The size of this shop is not large, so it is not suitable to put too many cabinets in the middle, which will appear crowded. All types of display cabinets can be seen from the design drawings. Including the effect of the entire store, the logo decoration at the door, etc.

perfume showcase

Retail Display Design

When we are designing a store, we will first study the brand and the location of the store, and then combine the customer's ideas to make the design. Perfume shops generally have either black or white as the main color, and the gold-plated stainless steel material is suitable for any color of the storefront.

In addition to these, the most important thing is the design of the perfume shop furniture. When we have the floor plan of the store, we can design it more accurately. Because we need to design the appropriate furniture size according to the size of the store so that they can fit our store well. Through design, our plan will be clearer. We can know what we want and what can be removed. Including how to decorate our shop, etc.

The Manufacturer-Ant Display

Ant Display is a furniture customization company for more than ten years. We have a professional design team and factory, they can help us to complete the design of an entire store and the production of furniture. We will respect all your ideas and present your ideas through 3D design. We can discuss all the details until the final design is confirmed.