Perfume Display

Now more and more people use perfume, which can help cover body odor and enhance the personal charm. As a special cosmetic, it is loved by many ladies and men. So more and more people are doing perfume business. If you also want to start a perfume business, then you must order some perfume display furniture to display your perfume. Suitable perfume display furniture can help your business a lot. In the market you will see many bottled perfumes, also have some bulk perfumes. The bottled perfume can use shelves, boxes, cases to display, the bulk perfume will need to use a display rack, like a perfume bar, it will have metal racks to hold the Perfume dispensers to sell perfume. Ant display limited can supply different kinds of perfume display furniture, such as perfume display case, fragrance display stand, perfume display shelf, perfume display cabinet, and perfume display racks. They can make different materials and colors as your needs.


Ant display is a company specializing in making customized perfume display fixtures. We are committed to turning every customer into a long-time customer, so we attach great importance to quality and service. All our materials, like wood, glass, stainless steel all selected carefully from different suppliers to find the best. During production, we have a professional quality check system to help you check each step, this way the furniture will finish in a perfect way. After production is finished, we will pack the perfume display furniture carefully and be durable. We will use a hardwood box so that the display fixture won’t hitted or scratched. And we do customize, if you want to customize your own perfume display furniture, just feel free to tell us your needs. Our perfume display fixture surface can use different kinds of materials, if you prefer a natural look, then we can use solid wood timber or wood veneer. If you want it fancy and eye-catching, we can do different colors, surfaces can use paint or laminate.

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  1. Luxury Perfume Display Counter | High Wall Cabinet For Display Cosmetic Products
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Our perfume display furniture mainly has the following types

  1. Acrylic display box

If you want to display some perfume on the countertop, the acrylic box will be a good choice. It as usually will use transparent acrylic, which people can see from all views, it supplies a good view for customers to choose and select perfume. Its size is not big, very suitable to display some boutique perfume.

  1. Perfume display stand

perfume display stand

If you want to display the perfume in a smart way and won’t take a lot of space on the floor, you can choose a perfume display stand. We supply wooden perfume display stand and metal perfume display stand. The surface can do different colors, sizes can also customize as your needs. It will come with many shelves to display perfume, the bottom will have cabinets for storage. On the top of the stand will have a place to put logos or signs.

  1. Perfume display shelf

If you want to open a perfume shop, then some floating display shelves are necessary. You can fix them on the wall to display perfume. they can help enlarge your shop space and also can make your shop looks more beautiful. We can do different kinds of wooden shelves and metal shelves.

  1. Perfume display case

perfume display case

If you want people to see the perfume from all views, the perfume display case will be a good choice. It as usually will use strong tempered glass, inside will add led light to light up inside. The inside display shelves are adjustable, you can adjust the heights freely as different perfume bottles.

  1. Perfume display cabinet

perfume display cabinet

If you want to open a perfume shop or cosmetic shop, then perfume display cabinets are needed definitely. You can put some free-standing perfume display cabinet put in the middle of your store, near the wall, you can put some tall perfume display cabinet again wall. The perfume display cabinet will have a lot of display areas and storage areas.


What questions you may be have before ordering the perfume display furniture?

  1. How long you will need to make the perfume display furniture?

A: Production will need about 22-25 workdays after the order is confirmed.

  1. How will you pack the perfume display fixture, is it fully assembled?

A: We will pack the perfume display furniture whole assembled. We will use EFE foam to protect all corners and surfaces, then pack the furniture use a hardwood box.

  1. How to place an order? What’s the progress?

A: You can check on our web if have the style you like and need what size, if have, then show us, we will quote you. If no, you can tell us your needs, then we can help design the furniture as your needs for you to see the effect. After the design ok then we will quote you the price. Once the price is confirmed, then you arrange us deposit for production.