With the increase of entrepreneurs now, there are more and more small and medium enterprises and various types of small shops in our lives. Due to the development of technology, mobile phones, as an important communication in our daily life, will be updated more and more frequently and faster with the development of technology.

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How to do the phone store interior 3d design?

  1. Mobile phone shop, as a high-tech smart product, we must highlight the sense of technology and innovation in the process of mobile phone shop design; because now many mobile phone shops are the same and have no new ideas, breakthrough innovation will make us walk in the same industry.
  2. Make good use of the showcase for product display and division of functional areas. The product showcase is the key to arouse customers' desire to learn more about this mobile phone. Only by attracting its attention can we explain and promote this product. During the design, we need to pay attention to the height of the showcase and the interior lighting design.
  3. Design the experience area and leisure area well. For mobile phone users, due to the different system versions and functions, customers will only find the difference after getting up and experiencing it. This is also the reason why many mobile phone stores now have special experience areas. The design of the leisure area can provide a place for customers who enter the store to learn about the products and rest.
  4. In order to better meet the needs of different consumers, mobile phone shops are generally not just a brand. However, the store design process needs to highlight a distinct theme, focus on it, and take the monopoly route.

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Multifunctional Phone Shop Interior Design

Lighting Design

The light is very important for the store, it will influence the shop atmosphere. The whole store light intensity needs to make the customer feel relaxed. It can not be shinning, either darker. A good ray of light can stand out the goods, and increase the display effect.

We install the light on the ceiling, on the wall, and showcase. The light will make the whole display stand more unique and professional. You can see there are some sculpt on the ceiling to decorate the phone store.

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Floor Decoration

Floor decoration is mainly the choice of floor decoration materials and colours, as well as floor drawing design. The floor selection of the mobile phone shop should match the overall decoration style of the shop.

You can see the wall is wooden style, so the floor we do it as dark bricks. The style will be more popular these years and will make the whole display stand more.

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Color Design

The effective use of color has universal significance. Whether the color, the environment, and the collocation of the product are coordinated, has an important impact on the customer's shopping psychology. Whether it is colored or achromatic, it has its own expression characteristics. For each color, when its purity and brightness change, or when it is in a different color matching relationship, the expression of the shop will also change.

We can see the shop color is green, white and wood color and grey. For the wall and ceiling, we use a white color. For the wall slat display, we use the wooden color. For the display showcase, we will use white and green colors.

Retail Display Design

The display area includes wall display cabinets and the display stand

Wall display cabinets: It has two styles of display cabinet in our store. One is a wooden Slatwall display, we will install the hooks on the wall. And the top we also install the lightbox and note the brand name. Then the customer can pick their goods easily. The middle of the Slatwall has the TV advertising and will know the brand clearly.

Display shelving:The second style is display shelving. And each layer of the display shelving has a light strip to stand out from the product.

Display Stand: The display stands in the middle of the shop, it has two styles to display the phone. One style is to do the phone display stand which can display the phones on the table. The front of the display stand will have the groove display the phone, and the top of the groove has a light strip. And will make the whole display stand more bright and unique. The other side will have the glass cover on the countertop. Then you can put the phone on the display showcase.

Display table:The other style is the display table. The shape of the display table is a triangle. If you want to make other styles, we also can assist you to do it with other styles. Cell Phone Displays

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Reception desk

The reception desk is white and put it in the back of the shop wall. The back wall also has a logo, and it can not only decorate the wall but also make people know it clearly. When you enter the phone store, you can see the reception desk that has one person to cash, and one person to pack the phone.


For the whole shop fixture, the main material of the display stand and reception desk is MDF. It is easy to do the shape and do the baking paint effect. The surface of the display stand will have the veneer and the baking paint. For the logo, we use acrylic to make it. We also can use the 3D stainless steel letters. Glass cover, and glass door is usually used in the phone store. It will make a good effect on the whole shop store.

Custom Service

Ant Display has a professional design team. And can work out a solid plan with all of your needs. You just tell us all of your needs for the whole shop like the color, the style of the display stand, and shop colour. We will show these needs on the 3d design, then you will know what the shop will look like. After you confirmed the 3d design and details, we can start to produce.