6 Useful Tips on Starting a Perfume Store Online.

Opening a perfume store online is much easier than a physical store. You can choose to open a store on Amazon or eBay, which are currently popular online stores. Compared to opening a perfume kiosk in a shopping mall, the low cost and high traffic of the online store will be very big advantages. Here are some points to pay attention to when opening a perfume store online.

Analyze the Market and Products

The first step is to determine the product style, analyze the market, and make a subdivision of the overall market situation. The good businesses in the entire industry are similar to ours. Their main pictures, details pages, marketing models, and pricing are similar to ours. The store makes a combination, determines the basic layout and the point of entry into the market, and then arranges specific products to be put on the shelves, and optimizes the keywords of the basic products.

You have to understand. It is not required to be a very very professional expert, but at least know how to distinguish what is and what is good in texture. This is the most basic. In addition to being able to distinguish, it is best to know some common sense in the industry, and sales skills. If you don't know anything or know very little, it is recommended to study hard and then start preparing for the store opening. Of course, the funds needed for learning should also be budgeted in your store opening funds

perfume kiosk in mall

Choose the platform to upload products

Now that you decide which platform to choose to open a store, all you need to do is to register and complete the listing of all products, the main picture, the detail page, the production of the store homepage, the keyword optimization, and start to do some basic sales and buyer show evaluations...

Promoting the blog master station is nothing more than the most direct and effective way of promotion. There are good products, blogs, and must-buy lists. You can find relevant masters to do perfume and grass. If this type of copywriting goes viral, The effect will be very good. I know a master who does a single product promotion and only a few crosses, it brings 50W of sales to the store, which is not uncommon. And the cost is very low, a manuscript can be in the tens to thousands, so you must choose the right person.

Make a Brand Image For Perfumes

The third step is to start the preliminary testing. You need to combine the best input and output products to do the basic testing. The core of the new product is to look at the click rate. The higher the click rate, the higher the purchase rate. Become a hit.

So if you want to make big-name sub-packaged perfumes, you must first register a trading company that can sell perfumes, then register a category 3 trademark for your sub-packages in the name of the company, and at the same time entrust a cosmetics-qualified factory to help you sub-package. For big-name perfumes, finally, you and the production factory must pass the online filing and on-site inspection of the Drug Administration. Therefore, in summary, it is basically impossible. The cost of doing so is much higher than that of self-branding, and the operability is almost zero.

Whether you are opening an inline perfume retail store or starting an online retail shop, the brand is always the easiest successful way.  You can crate a beautiful perfume shop design with high-end store fixtures to let customers remember you and enjoy the shopping for the ground shop. For online shops, the best way to give promotion and price advantages, as well as providing top quality services and products. 

perfume shop display

Promote drainage methods

The important step for the online shop is mainly for promotion and customer drainage, which is divided into several parts:

  1. Accurate keyword drainage, find good words based on market conditions, high search, low competition, and deal with the same shop’s keywords. Come to search for weights, and combine the drainage words and transaction words in the single product analysis in the later daily cloud operation process to make a good judgment and optimize the daily roots;
  2. Through Click paid promotion;
  3. Daily shopping cart marketing and store activities, if If you need momentum in the process, you can combine Amazon live broadcast and Amazon customer promotion to drain traffic. After the store foundation is formed, you can slowly promote industry activities, resource location marking, homepage drainage and manual Tao ask everyone and Wei Tao Da People and other traffic promotion, the promotion of single products hits

Maintain secondary marketing for old customers

The maintenance of fans and content marketing, maintaining good fans and old customers, daily Amazon group, eBay content release, WhatsApp retention of old customers, new reminders for old customers, coupon care, etc.

No business can be accomplished overnight. It requires the long-term accumulation of customers, resources, and experience. Only if we maintain a state of passion every day, provide high-quality services, and high-quality products, the warehouse can keep the business of a perfume online shop going on.