As a modern fashion, perfume is quite popular in both men and women circles. Some people will choose to buy online, but there are drawbacks to this, that is, you can only know the taste when you buy it. Before you get it, you can only find out through other people's comments. So perfume shops are very necessary at this time. If you want to open a perfume shop, the decoration is very important.

Perfume plays a very important role in our lives. Perfume can make people happy, it can also enhance a person's temperament and self-confidence. Perfume is loved by everyone, and the good smell gives people a good mood. Especially a perfume suitable for a girl can elevate a person's grade and exude fascinating charm. Perfume is actually an attitude to life. People who are good at using perfume can make themselves more decent. Perfume can also relieve our nervous emotions and play a decompression role. Perfume also represents a person's taste. One's aesthetics can be seen from the smell of perfume, and the whole person becomes different at once, leaving a good impression. So selling perfume will help you get a lot of profits to a certain extent.

Decoration for the Perfume Store

The Theme of Decoration.

 The theme of store decoration is an important part of the store atmosphere. The selected decoration theme should complement the store's products and attract the attention of targeted customers. If your store is located on the sidewalk, you can install a personalized awning. The awning can not only block the hot sun from entering the store but also provide shade and shelter for passers-by. This allows more customers to stop by your storefront and choose products at the storefront. Choose the style of the perfume display cabinet according to the style and characteristics of the perfume displayed, but generally, it is better to have a modern and simple style. The combination of simple style and perfume notes gives people a novel and intuitive understanding.

Perfume Shop Structure Design

The sales space is divided into several areas that can be flexibly arranged. Key locations-cash counter, makeup area, various perfume theme areas. It is best to have a logo for each area or a lightbox as a leader. The first is the spatial structure, which cannot be arranged densely. This will make the whole shop too crowded. Of course, space needs to be used rationally and the shop should not be too empty. The lighting effect of the shop must be good, which can better show the advantages of perfume.


The decoration color of the perfume shop must have personality. But also pay attention to coordination with the accessories, try to choose light colors that are easy to match with the accessories. Only a good color tone can have a better shop effect.

New Product Experience Area

Every store should have an experience area. Because this is also advertising for newly launched products. Let customers better understand our products. We usually put the new product experience area in the center of the store, because the center of the store is a more eye-catching location.

perfume shop design

Perfume Display Counter & Cosmetic Display Counter

The main design style of this shop is simple and sweet. The main color of the whole shop is pink, a very girlish color. The main perfume display of this shop is the wall display and the independent perfume display counter. The perfume display counter is mainly divided into two layers so that it is convenient to display more perfumes. There is also a place to put the bar counter so that it is convenient for customers to try perfume. In order to make the whole shop look more attractive, we also added green plants.

How to pack it?

We will pack each corner of the perfume displays with foam for the interior package. The outside package uses the wood box to pack the interior package. This is very sturdy and can prevent your perfume displays from being damaged.

When will we receive the perfume displays?

The design time will take 3-5working days;

 the production time will take about 30-32working days.

 The shipping time based on your country and which transportation mode you want.