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Coffee Kiosk Retail Food Booth For Shopping Mall For Sale

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New Invention Coffee Kiosk Idea Display Cabinet Portable Cafe Mall shop Stand For Sale

wooden coffee display kiosk | custom cake stand

Coffee tea display kiosk for sale
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Coffee is a very delicious drink, it has a refreshing effect, and some coffee also has the effect of weight loss. But many people like it because of its unique taste. Different coffee beans with different amounts of milk will taste differently. When we drink coffee, we usually pair it with bread or cake, which is a good combination. The coffee shop we went to also sell cakes. When we went to the coffee shop, we also saw cakes being sold. So besides coffee shops, where else can we go for coffee? The most lively place should be the shopping mall. Here we can see all kinds of business and all kinds of people. Many people want to come here to start their business. We can build a coffee display kiosk here.

Wooden coffee display kiosk

It can be seen from the design drawing that this coffee kiosk can sell coffee and cakes as well as a seating area for customers to rest. It is a small cafe. In front of the kiosk can be placed two freezer showcases. Menus can be posted on the back wall, and coffee and other food can be used on the back table. The back and side of the kiosk is the seating area. After customers order their meals, they can sit here and rest. This kiosk is equipped with a coffee cup model so that the customer can know what it sells at a glance. There are some lightbox paintings on the back of the kiosk. It looks like a small art museum. Its main materials are plywood and fireproof boards, which are very durable and safe materials.

This coffee kiosk is designed according to our customer's mall space and his requirements. If you want to make a coffee kiosk, you can tell me the size you need, we can help you design and produce. Here you can find everything you want. We can provide and install everything. Due to transportation requirements, we must divide the kiosk into several parts. When you receive the goods, you only need to put them together, connect the wires of each other, and connect the power supply of the mall, it can work. Our design time is 2-3 working days, and the design fee is 300usd. It will be returned to you when we place an order. And our production time is 28 working days. We are an export company, No matter which country you are from, we can help you transport. Please contact us to start your project.

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, Laminate
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