handbags store display furniture

With the improvement of living standards, women's needs for bags are also increasing. Bags have also become a symbol of luxury accessories and trends, such as Chanel, Gucci, Hermes and other brands. So when they find new styles of bags, most women will change their bags.

How to open a unique bag shop to attract customers? As we know, the main function of a store is to display and highlight products, and people are often attracted by beautiful things, so it is necessary to have a perfect store design, which can show your product and service level.

Layout Introduction

The main colors of this shop are white and blue. It looks high-end and stylish. The simple and beautiful facade design can highlight the brand effect. The glass door allows people to see the layout of the inside from the outside, which will arouse their curiosity and increase product sales opportunities. From the picture, we can know that this shop sells bags and shoes. You can see display counters of different sizes. It can be divided into 3-4 layers to display products. We can notice that there are small chairs beside each cabinet, and a mirror is installed between each wall cabinet, which is convenient for customers to use.

Unique Store Logo

The brand name of the store will directly reflect the image of the store, and it will also be the "face" of the store, which can highlight the level of service of the store. The color of the logo should be coordinated. Usually, a bright brand name is more attractive.bag and shoe shop design

Reception Desk Design

The reception desk is an important part of the store, mainly responsible for cashier and consultation. It is square and rounded corners to avoid friction. The main materials are MDF and surface lacquer, which look relatively high-end. There is a small sidewall on the counter, which can protect privacy. Inside the reception desk are drawers and a small counter, where you can store documents and things, which is very convenient. Put a display stand by the counter, you can put related products, such as socks, etc., to increase your profits.

Ceiling Decoration

Compared with other shops, this shop has fewer decorations. On the ceiling are mainly spotlights and chandeliers. Warm lighting can adjust the store atmosphere and highlight product features. There are hanging chandeliers in every corner to make the shop look more unique and better. On the top of the wall cabinet, the wall is blue, combined with lighting effects, giving people a comfortable and relaxed feeling.

Display Cabinet And Stand

Considering that the cabinets have different sizes and shapes, enough space should be left between each display cabinet to avoid crowding. The display stand can be added with light strips to have a better effect. You may consider the assembly problem, our cabinet and stand installation is very simple, we will provide you with detailed installation instructions, you can complete it by yourself. For the stand, after you receive it, put them in the right position and connect the wires, and it can work normally.shoe store 3d design

The Whole Store Style

Different store layouts have different effects. In-store design and decoration, we need to consider products and major consumers to establish a new style. Bags and shoes are mainly displayed to people and get their attention, so enough display space and lighting are especially important. For example, the design of this shop perfectly interprets this feature.

Business Plan

First of all, you need to have a store location and a sufficient budget. You can make a business plan based on your ideas and determine your business scope. Compared with men's bags, women's bags are usually more popular, such as handbags, shoe bags, and backpacks. If you are confused at the beginning, please don’t worry, we will provide you with a good solution and help you complete this project.

How to Design

Our company has a professional design team and can create new designs according to your favorite styles and products. Different products have different designs. Our designers will hold a group meeting and make a design plan according to your shop floor plan and requirements. Our design time is 3-4 days, you can see the whole effect by 3D design, and we can modify it according to your ideas. Tell us your specific requirements and we can provide you with an exquisite and perfect shop design