We all know that cigarettes are harmful to human health. Although the form of e-cigarettes is different from cigarettes, it still has the risk of harm to health. Even so, many people still use e-cigarettes. The shape of an electronic cigarette is similar to that of a cigarette. The cabinets for displaying electronic cigarettes are generally glass display cabinets or tall cabinets against the wall. In fact, the furniture in the e-cigarette shop is very similar to the furniture in the mobile phone shop. Regardless of the style or distribution of the furniture, we only need to change the same way of display. Generally, e-cigarettes have display trays. We need to put e-cigarettes on the tray and then put them in the display cabinet.

Today I want to introduce the internal design of an electronic cigarette shop. Through the design, we can clearly see the type and quantity of furniture and the effect of the entire store. For a shop, the type of display furniture will not be one. It is combined with a variety of display cabinets so that it looks more diverse and has a sense of design. From the above design drawing, we can see the types and colors of furniture throughout the shop. We can unify the color a bit, and we can use the color of our logo. This shop is designed according to the requirements of our customers. We suggest that the color of the furniture can be the same or match the wall. The wall and furniture like the picture above don’t match well, and the effect is not so good.

vape shop design

Furniture introduction

We can see that there are about 7 kinds of furniture in the whole shop. Five types are display furniture, one is a cash desk and the other is a bar table, where customers can rest. The type of furniture can be determined according to our service.

Shelf Display

This kind of shelf display is usually a high cabinet display against the wall, the upper part is a shelf, and the lower part is a storage cabinet. This kind of furniture is suitable for displaying some furniture with boxes. Each layer of it has a strip with lights, and customers can see clearly where our products are placed. We all know that it is impossible for a store to sell only one product. Diverse products also require diverse displays.

Slatwall Display

The slat wall display is used together with the hook. If our electronic cigarette has an outer packaging, we can also hang it on this cabinet. Slatwall display is very common in shops, and its display capacity is also very large. Its structure is the same as the shelf display, and both display and store points.

Inclined Display

Only the middle of this kind of cabinet is the place for display. Our e-cigarettes are placed on this inclined board. This display allows customers to see our products more intuitively. Our e-cigarette is covered with a transparent acrylic cover. Customers cannot be directly contacted. This also guarantees the safety of our products to a certain extent. The background is a poster, and the cabinet can be the name of our product or our logo. Below it is also a locker. Most of the display cabinets have lockers. Because we have a lot of inventory to store.

Glass cabinet

The glass display cabinet here is a low cabinet with a glass cover on it, and our products can be placed in the cover. There is a light strip installed on the top of the glass. This kind of cabinet can also be used in jewelry stores or mobile phone stores. Inside it is also a storage cabinet. This kind of glass display cabinets are all lockable, and it can also protect our products.


From the design drawing, we can see that this station is placed next to the glass display cabinet. Its structure is relatively simple, it is a rectangular station, we can put the product directly on it, or place other things.

Cash desk

This kind of front desk is a must for every store. We will use it to store computers or cash registers. Its size is generally small. Usually, the front desk will add our logo. 

Bar Table

This kind of table is for customers. When customers come to our store to buy e-cigarettes or visit, they can choose to rest here and use their products.


In fact, the type and quantity of furniture depend on the customer. When we have our own shop, we will definitely find a way to decorate it. We will consider buying interior furniture and color style. The most direct way is to make a 3D design, but all the furniture we want in the store so that we can determine the style and quantity of the furniture, and let us see the effect in advance. This is also of great help to our on-site construction.

We are a furniture customization company if you want to buy some furniture for your shop. We can help you. Our designers can design the entire store according to your floor plan and requirements. After confirming everything, we will start production and transport to your country. You can get everything you want here.