Now cosmetics and skincare products play a very important role in our life. Almost every woman needs skincare every day. There are also some people who rely on cosmetics to dress up, enhance their self-confidence, and enhance their charm. Cosmetics play a role in dressing up the skin, and skincare products play a role in cleaning, moisturizing, and maintaining. Their functions are powerful. For many people, skincare products and cosmetics are indispensable items.

If you want to start a business, opening a cosmetic store is very necessary. Because the people can choose the products conveniently. Next, I will introduce a cosmetic store design to you.

store design


The main style of the store is a natural style. We use a lot of wood color as basic material and black metal as a secondary color. It will make the whole space more clean and elegant. On the other hand, the original wood color represents nature. It will also represent that the product has healthy ingredients.

cosmetic store


You can see that there are many decorations in the shop. You can see the back wall, it has a much black metal square frame, and inside of the frame has some green plants.  There is a logo on the wall also, and customers can see it better.

And there has a huge top over the reception desk. And there is also some grass on the top and will make people leave a good impression on it.

makeup store design

Front Store

You can see that we use the glass wall and glass door as the facade. Glass doors increase transparency and daylighting. And customers can see the sight of the interior store directly, although they stand the outside of the store.

makeup store facade

Display Fixtures

you can see that there are different display fixtures in the store.

Display Shelves: There are some display shelves that stand nearby the wall. The top is the display shelf, and the bottom of the display stand is a storage area.

display stand

Display Stand: you can see that there are some display stands in the middle of the mall. Including the metal display stand which is very strong and creative. And there are some wooden and white display stands here. These color combinations will make the whole design more high-end.

skincare store design

Display Rack: The display rack can display the products from two sides. And it can help your shop save more space for customers, to make the store look more widely.

Reception desk

You can see that there is a reception desk. And the front of the reception desk has metal which can decorate the reception desk. And above the metal has a light strip which people can make the reception desk more high-end and bright.