optical shop interior design

More and more people are nearsighted, and more and more people wear glasses. And more and more people wear sunglasses, they not only have a good decorative effect but also can shade and protect the eyes. So on the street and in the mall, you will see a lot of optical shops.

Today I want to share a stylish optical shop. Entering this optical shop you will first see a reception desk used wood grain color with golden color. There has a big glasses modeling, which looks very fancy. On the left are some tall display cases in gold and white with a curved top that looks very nice. They have a lot of shelves and you can show a lot of glasses. At the bottom are storage drawers and cabinet doors. On the right are some tall display cabinets. Each display cabinet has a logo on the top, many glass shelves in the middle, and a locker door below. The back has a room for eye testing. The shop floor used wood color, matched this optical shop, whole shop looks very nice and modern.

optical shop design

sunglasses display cabinet

glasses display cabinet

How to decorate your optical shop?

glasses display showcase

  1. Color match is import

The glasses cabinet should choose bright colors in color matching to create a fashionable and modern style.

  1. Use of lights

The role of lighting in the optical shop is very important. You can choose some ceiling lamps and chandeliers at the top of the storefront, and use some spotlights and light strips in the display area. The light should be dominated by simple and fashionable style.

  1. Sub-regional display

Different brands and different glasses are very important to display in different regions. This makes it easy for customers to choose and looks very organized.

  1. Use of posters and light boxes

You can choose some attractive posters and light boxes at the door and window positions of the store, which will have a good publicity effect.


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