You must have a cupboard full of clothes. Clothes should be neat and stylish, and the credit of the wardrobe is indispensable. By understanding the eight essentials of the wardrobe, I think you will be able to better store clothes and make them more intimate.

The design concept and service quality of the overall wardrobe require high requirements for the production and operation strength of enterprises. Only big brands can support their specialization and after-sales service. From the development of The United States' overall wardrobe industry, a few brands support the development of the whole industry, which undoubtedly brings great pressure to The United States' overall wardrobe. In the case of backward small and medium-sized brands, the integration of the overall wardrobe market is inevitable. The reform and innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises and the establishment of their own brands have become the necessary conditions for their survival.

The soul of the overall wardrobe is the design. In our daily life, comfortable bedding is not enough for a nice bedroom. In fact, a function wardrobe is the most important furniture. through the development in recent years, the first-line brand manufacturers in the overall wardrobe industry have kept up with the pace of the world's advanced enterprises in some aspects. The United States enterprises have been able to produce high-quality overall wardrobe, but in The United States, the real strong brands are not local, but foreign. In terms of management and market competition, The United States's enterprises still stay in the pursuit of short, flat, and fast, positioning consumers as "users rather than customers"

wordrobe design

1. Push-pull mirror

There must be a dressing mirror in the wardrobe. The changing mirror designed for the overall wardrobe is hidden in the closet, which can be seen by pulling it gently. The mirror pushed back is tightly attached to the cabinet board, which does not occupy the space in the closet. The small mirror makes you look radiant.

2. Tie Case

Every successful man has more than one tie, and the tie box is the most important one. This kind of tie box takes up less space than a drawer, so you can arrange the position of the tie box at will. Your socks, shirts, scarves, and other small items have a home.

3. Pulley

The pulley of the wardrobe is divided into the upper wheel and lower wheel. The upper wheel is the guard wheel, which can make the door slide smoothly in parallel. The lower wheel is divided into a hidden wheel, which uses pure nylon to bear the load. The semicircular progressive rolling passes through the center of gravity of the wheel, so the horizontal line is used when pushing and pulling. The bearing capacity can reach 200 kg, the wear resistance is high, and the push-pull life can reach more than 300000 times.

4. Trousers rack

The trousers stacked will have creases, but the trousers rack can make the trousers do not leave creases, which requires a hanging space of no less than 600mm. Therefore, the trousers rack is usually placed under the drawer to save space.

5. Frame material

At present, the frame materials of all wardrobes on the market mainly include aluminum alloy, aluminum titanium alloy, magnesium titanium alloy, and high-quality color steel. Generally speaking, magnesium titanium alloy and aluminum titanium alloy have high strength, durability, and strong quality, which can ensure that the cabinet door can be as high as 2.8 meters without deformation and stable sliding. However, the carbon steel frame is light and thin, and its appearance is treated by spray painting and mechanical sticking, and it will take off paint or oxidize and rust for a long time.

6. Rotary clothes hanging

It realizes the rehanging storage of a large number of clothes. The amount of hanging clothes is three times that of the traditional wardrobe, and each piece is kept flat without wrinkles. The whole cabinet can be rotated with your hands. Even the clothes hanging in the innermost part can be presented immediately.

7. Pulling plate

It will be very difficult to find the stacked woolen clothes together. If you use the pull-out plate, the stacked clothes will be in good order, but it also has the disadvantage of less storage space, so customers should choose carefully.

8. Glass Drawer Cabinet

The traditional drawers are all made of wood, while the latest ones are made of glass, which is more convenient for taking clothes. But if the customer is lazy, don't try this kind of glass, which will undoubtedly expose its shortcomings.

Wardrobe price

What are the design concepts of the wardrobe?  It should be designed according to your needs. After being installed in the home, the wardrobe will feel like it is concave into the wall. Not only can it be cut into hanging space and placing space, but also the top space can put bedding and other items. Then through the selection of the color of the sliding door of the wardrobe, it is integrated with the decoration of the whole room.