Opening an eyeglass shop has become a research project for many entrepreneurs and business vendors. It is rumored that the optical shop has high profits, attracting more and more people to join it. But is that really the case? Is there no risk of opening an eyeglass shop or mall retail kiosk? There are a lot of losers in opening a shop, and it is more dangerous to operate the optical eyewear shop blindly. Now we summarize and analyze the common risks of the failure of the optical eyewear shop.

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Lack of Experience & Necessary Knowledge

People often ask, "I don't know anything. Can I open an optical eyewear shop?" Not only the optical eyewear industry, but most industries should not. How can a person who doesn't understand optical eyewear open a good optical eyewear shop? If you want to open an optical eyewear shop, you have to have at least some basic knowledge. You can ask yourself these two questions:

  • 1. Is it suitable to open an optical eyewear shop? Do you really want to open a shop? In the local market, how is the business of the optical eyewear shop? Is the market saturated? These are the preconditions. Without any understanding and investigation, it is a waste of effort to do more work later.
  • 2. How do you open an optical eyewear shop? What is the process of opening an eyeglass shop? What do you need to prepare? How much will it cost? What are the methods and channels? It doesn't have to be deep, but at least it needs to be understood.

The above is only a relatively elementary problem. There are still many problems and details to be studied when opening a shop. No matter who is, they need to do their homework and increase their own learning. Otherwise, they will open shops blindly and rashly, and the risk of failure will be very high.

Invest Two Much Without a Proper Business plan 

To starting an optical store, lots of places need to use money. From basic shop interior design to optical displays. From necessary equipment to inventory. The initial investment of the optical eyewear shop is still very high. some people invest nearly 100,000 USD, or even more than 500,000 USD, depending on their own situation. Generally speaking, the highest proportion of investment in opening optical eyewear stores is:

  • 1. Site selection, decoration, and site selection are related to the survival of the eyeglass shop, and the money that should be spent here must not be saved. Choosing a store with sufficient customers and proper decoration will not below.
  • 2. Labor costs don't talk about the husband and wife shop here. If it's hiring people, the store usually needs two people. One is mainly responsible for shopping guide and tally, and the other is responsible for optometry and optical eyewear. There may be related to professional training, which is not low.
  • 3. At the beginning of the product equipment, the optical eyewear store must have the goods on display, so at least one batch of optical eyewear products must be bought. Optometry equipment, processing equipment must have, such equipment, imported brands have to be more than 100,000 USD, even if it is to buy a second-hand transfer, also need tens of thousands of buck.

The above three are the major investment in the optical eyewear shop, and some costs have not been calculated. Generally, the payback period is one year. If the investment is too large, the cost recovery period may be slower. Many stores fail if they fail to return to their original cost.

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Fierce Competition In Same Market & Lack of Strategy

In USA and Europe, the future prospect of the optical eyewear industry is good, but the competition is very fierce. At present, there are more than 30000 spectacle shops, and many brands are very miscellaneous, not to mention foreign big brands entering China one after another, which intensifies the competition. optical eyewear itself is a low-frequency consumer product, sales will not be very large, after a year and a half to replace the optical eyewear, the customer stickiness may not be strong.

On the one hand, it is the competition of peers, on the other hand, it is the pressure of other industries and fields. For example, the biggest impact of e-commerce at present is to lower the price of physical stores and divert the customers of physical stores; for example, vision control and health care, to a certain extent, also divert customers from optical eyewear stores. In the face of these competitions, have you done enough psychological and strategic responses? If there are no practical and effective measures, the opening of optical eyewear shops will be affected.

Lack Of Market Research & Poor Management

In today's environment, it can be said that "the fragrance of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley". Many eyeglass shopkeepers say that the quality of optical eyewear is good, the price is not high, and the service is very attentive, but there is no business, and then they closed down. You should know that in such an era of information explosion, the customers of the optical eyewear shop can receive too much information and have too many choices. If they can't make it easy for customers to find you, they only rely on word-of-mouth, word-of-mouth, accumulation of precipitation, and may not wait for the performance explosion, they will have to close down. Therefore, how to publicize, promote sales, and increase exposure is also very important.

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It seems that the daily management and operation of the optical eyewear shop is not complicated, but if it is not done well, it will take time, energy, and financial resources, and it may lead to the failure of the optical eyewear shop. Many platforms will develop ERP management software to assist the operation of optical eyewear shops and improve management efficiency. Of course, the help provided by ERP has a range. More operation, planning, and drainage are needed. As a manager, you need to constantly study and improve it.

Although the optical eyewear network reminds us that an open optical eyewear shop is not difficult, the difficulty is to run an optical eyewear shop well. The above four are relatively common risk factors and failure lessons, which remind you to avoid some problems when you open your own optical store. From choosing a single display shelf to whole shop decoration or business management.  here we put forward to let everyone know their existence. There are risks in starting any business. You should be careful when opening a retail shop and any small business. If you want to open an eyeglass shop and make money, you must increase your own knowledge and make yourself an expert so that easy to make every business profitable.