The coffee shop is a very secluded place, and the mellow coffee smell is always unstoppable. The benefits of coffee to the human body are very great. It makes us energetic, helps us burn fat, is rich in essential nutrients, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, and prevents Alzheimer's disease and dementia. We have a lot of common cafes, some of them are also very famous. When I talk about coffee, what is the first store you think of? It must be a “star”.

The design inside the cafe is very important. Many people go to the cafe to be quiet. In the cafe, we can see all kinds of customers. Office workers, friends gathering, or coming here to pass the time. I really want to open a coffee shop, but I have no money. If you have a coffee shop, my suggestion is to design it. So we can see the effect before we buy furniture. If you don't know how to decorate it, we can also do it according to the 3D design.

coffee shop design

Coffee Shop Description

The style of this coffee shop is dark, and the style and color of the general coffee shop are not very bright. Because the color of the coffee is dark brown, the dark style will appear more secluded. The furniture in this coffee shop has a bar counter, tables, and chairs. This is a must in all coffee shops. The bar is divided into two parts. The front is for receiving customers, and we can also put our display cabinets to display when love or bread.

Behind is the workbench, where we can parpare our food. Our machine can be placed on the table. Tables and chairs can also take different forms. We can see that this coffee shop is a combination of chairs and sofas. The bar table by the wall is also very popular. We can use this table or as a reference.

Bar counter

The bar counter of our coffee shop is L-shaped. For safety, our corners can be curved so that it looks beautiful. From the design drawing, we can see that in the middle of the bar is a display freezer, which can be used to display our desserts. The main function of the bar counter is to receive customers, cashiers, package food, and can also place our coffee cups or straws.

Generally, we will add our logo to the bar. The logo can be more professional or used as a decoration for our bar. The workbench is placed behind the bar. This is where we make food and coffee. We can install the sink on the workbench. Our machine can also be placed on the table.


There are many types of tables. For this, we can choose solid colors, white, wood, and black colors are more popular. We can choose what we like. Most of our design drawings are wooden tables, very simple. The table against the wall is white, and the height of the table against the wall is relatively high. Similar to the height of a bar.


Our chairs include ordinary chairs and sofa chairs. There are many colors of chairs, and we can also buy them according to our preferences. But too many colors are not recommended. Sofa chairs are more comfortable, and many customers prefer to sit on sofa chairs, so we can also consider this option when buying.

Coffee shop style

The style of the shop is actually mainly based on the decoration of our walls. While buying furniture, we also need to do the work on the walls inside our shop. It can directly affect the aesthetics of our store and the impression of our customers. The walls of our shop have several different effects. They are decorated with tile stickers and wooden strips. These all seem very attractive. There is a retro feel. In addition to wall decoration, we can also hang some ornaments on the wall.


I personally like cafes very much. I would go to a coffee shop first because of its taste, and secondly, we would look at the effects of the shop, such as the overall decoration or tables and chairs. If it's very simple, I don't think I will go in. Therefore, the design and decoration of the cafe are very important to our business. If you want to design your shop or buy interior furniture, but you have no idea. I think you can contact us.

Our designers will help you design an entire store, including all the furniture, layout, and decoration inside. Our workers will produce furniture in the design drawings. You can get a complete set of plans and furniture here.