When the whole world envies us, our table service, cafes, and restaurants in France are dethroned by the Counter Sales establishments, and the sandwich is gaining ground.

You don't need to have earned your stripes within the prestigious Lausanne to open a sandwich shop. And this is undoubtedly why it pushes hundreds of budding entrepreneurs to open their own sandwich shops.

A good dose of creativity, strong nerves, and management skills are a priori the critical elements for success in this project.

Even if these qualities are essential during the operational phase of your business, you should not neglect the preliminary preparation phase, at the risk of seeing your establishment close as quickly as your customers enjoy their sandwich!

sandwich shop front design

Needless to say, the highlight of this preliminary phase is your sandwich shop business plan.

But before guiding you in developing this precious document, let's take a look at the sandwich market in Europe.

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The sandwich market in France: a promising division

Good news, you are undoubtedly in a growth sector!

The sandwich, a product in the era of time

In 2013, the turnover (CA) of the Europe sandwich market achieved more than 2% growth to exceed 7 billion euros.

The French are eating more and more sandwiches, so you don't go wrong by giving in to the alluring idea of ​​opening a sandwich shop.

Hot or cold sandwiches, why such a craze?

Quite simply because the sandwich perfectly meets the 2 essential constraints of our era: speed and low price.

In an age where technology gives unlimited access to all services and consumer products with a simple touch of the screen, and where the crisis worries and curbs spending, the sandwich is, therefore, the winning combo by the hour. of the meal.

What is more, this essential product opens the doors to overflowing creativity, boosted by the ever-increasing number of culinary programs in which the dishes abound are "gourmet" and "smart."

From revisited hot dogs to "veggie" wraps, everything is in appearance; everything is trendy!

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Premium or consumer products: position yourself in terms of price

Setting up a sandwich shop is a relatively widespread project; to dig your hole, you will have to differentiate yourself from your competitors, especially concerning price.

Moderate your ardor, however. Because if the trend is upward in prices, offering a product following the financial means of your future customers is one of the keys to success.

However, the average basket of the French is decreasing: in VAC all products combined, the consumer spent on average 6.34 € per meal in 2013, i.e., 5 cents less than the previous year. A slight difference for an element that will nevertheless weigh heavily in your sandwich shop business plan.

Also, keep in mind that your price will guide many other aspects of your business, including one crucial thing: your communication guideline.

Indeed, you will not communicate in the same way about a foie gras burger and an inexpensive chicken and raw vegetables, quite simply because you are not targeting the same clientele.

French touch versus burger: choosing the right product

The world of sandwiches is vast but primarily dominated by 2 flagship products: the traditional ham and butter and the trendy burger.

A local specialty or hot sandwich, do not hesitate to position yourself. If the burger in all its forms is attracting more and more consumers - and entrepreneurs - the cold French sandwich still has good years ahead of it. It is not for nothing that Anglo-Saxon sandwich chains are borrowing. They can name as French as "Pret a Manger" or "Le Pain Quotidien" and that the cold sandwich brands are multiplying at full speed in London ...

But globalization requires that if in the 2000s: 1 burger was consumed for 9 sandwiches, the ratio in 2013 reached 1 burger for 2 sandwiches (L'Express)!

One more element to study and integrate into your business is to plan before opening a sandwich shop.

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Market research: an essential phase before opening a sandwich shop

Before embarking on the development of the business plan, you will need to do a sandwich market study to answer this series of questions:

  • What products to offer to please your future customers while setting yourself apart from your competitors? In what price range should you position yourself?
  • Where to install the commercial premises? The 3 rules in real estate as in marketing are location, location, and location.
  • Franchisee or independent? Be careful, and the constraints are not the same. If the franchise leaves less freedom, in return, it gives you the benefit of an acquired reputation. Also, take into account the financial elements specific to each arrangement.
  • Visual identity and means of communication: in which tone to speak to your customers? On which channels to communicate?
  • Who to choose as suppliers? They are as essential players in your business as your customers; choose them wisely.

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The sandwich shop business plan: to convince your investor and know where you are going!

The expression may put you off, yet establishing a business plan is a necessary step in opening a sandwich shop.

The business plan is a document making it possible to present your project in detail (and its assets) and to quantify its financing needs and its potential for profitability.

It not only makes it possible to obtain funding but, above all, to take stock of your project and verify that it is viable.

The business plan will force you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of product will I sell? At what price? And at what cost?
  • What are the necessary resources (in terms of personnel and equipment) for carrying out the activity?
  • What are the other overheads (rent, insurance, accounting, maintenance, etc.)?
  • What is the initial financing requirement for the project? How will it be financed?
  • What turnover must be achieved to achieve financial balance?
  • What is the profit potential of the sandwich shop?

When drafting your business plan(unique kiosk), you will also have to study the regulatory and legislative aspects for creating your sandwich shop (choice of legal structure, social obligations, displays, hygiene rules, etc.).

You may be very excited at the idea of ​​opening the doors of your business, and you have no desire to immerse yourself in the intricacies of this challenging exercise of writing a business plan for your sandwich shop.

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