Coffee shop design

Coffee is a very popular of the drink nowadays, even it represents fashion. Coffee can make people more energetic and sober when they are working or driving. My friends like to drink a coffee when he will drive the car at the night, then he can avoid the tired. Most people like to have a coffee in the afternoon tea to relax or make themselves have more energies to work for the afternoon time. There are many functions of the coffee, so people like to drink it.

We can see many coffee booth with kiosk, bar and store in the mall, street and other places. Every store has their own decoration styles. Different style can attract different people. Good design is a funny soul of a store.

Nice decoration of the coffee store

The interior design of the coffee store is very beautiful and with its characters. First, look at this one this part, it is coffee bar counter in the middle of the store. This bar counter is main role. The main color is black and some gold decoration. At the top, it is gold hollow out frame on the top as the decoration. Some paintings in gold color are on the back wall, it looks very special. The shelves are installed on the wall, many tools and accessories, coffee materials are on the shelves. The machines of coffee and juice are on the countertop. The cups are on the left side. Some saucers are on the right side, It is very convenient for the staff to work.

At the front side, one tempered glass showcase is one the left to show some desserts, some fruits are on the first layer. Customers can choose the desserts and fruits to make juice. There are still some machines and batching near the showcase. Another side is the counter with nothing on it for the staff to service the customers, and customers can order and take the coffee fro here. Three beautiful lamps are hanging on the top. One poster is on the right back wall to show the signs of the coffee. One staff stands at the corner to service the customers at ant time. In a word, the whole coffee bar counter is very high-end and modern.

From this view, more layout can be seen. There are some wood color desks and black chairs for customers to sit in front of the bar counter. The desks and chairs style also is similar with the whole coffee store style to match the theme and color tonality . which can be also customized. The menus are on the tables. The gray sofa is installed against the wall. The small round tables in front of the sofa seats. Customers can choose the seat place they like. And the gold lamps are also hanging on the ceiling at the top of the tables. And some lights are installed on the wall. They are beautiful decorations of the coffee store. Two big windows is beside the customers areas, and some plants and bolsters on it as decoration too. At the bottom of the window, the frame is the same as the bar counter top decoration. The big windows not only can bring many lights to coffee store to make it bright, but also can let customers look outside the scenery from the window when they are drinks the coffee and have desserts, and customers can feel that the time is very enjoyable and wonderful, especial at the afternoon tea. All layout of the coffee store is so nice.

We can offer the interior design according to this style if you like. The bar counter, tables, chairs, sofa, lamps are all customized and produced by our professional and experience workers. Our factory main business is to do export with over 10 years. As long as you have the needs and talk with us, we will try our best to meet your requirements and offer you the best quality goods and service.

Coffee store design

When you have the ideas to open a coffee store, we can think about the interior design is an important part of the consideration. When you find us to talk about the design, you can offer us the floor plan. Then we can know the size and shape of the store. We will give you the suggestions on the design and relevant choice of the furniture. But the design is important, because you need to choose the size of the furniture which can be suitable for the store. When we make a design for you, you can know all size and details of the furniture, which will customize by us. Any style or your requirements, we can meet your needs maximally.

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