The decoration design of the candy store is generally colorful. Because children like colorful things. The display racks in the candy store are more exquisite. The decoration in some candy shops is relatively modern and simple, and the artistic design of yellow round shade chandelier is very eye-catching and stylish. The shelves come in many shapes. Different types of candies are placed on different display racks, which is also convenient for customers to distinguish positions.

Candy shop is a shop full of childishness. Candy can be said to include the childhood of all children. Childhood time is carefree, and candy is also the best expression of children's happiness. Not only does opening a candy store get benefits, but at the same time you can see the smiles of children getting candy. Candy is a more common and classic snack. So it is not easy to be eliminated by the times. The most important thing is that its cost is very low, the benefits are high, most people can afford this price.

candy store design

Candy Store Design for Sale

The door of the candy store must be atmospheric and eye-catching enough to make customers look happy. The layout of fonts and lighting must be clear to people whether it is day or night. The name of the store should be easy to understand, attractive and unforgettable. Only in this way can the project be better promoted. In addition, the interior decoration of the specialty store must use bright colors to give people a bright feeling. It is best to use yellow, golden yellow and other colors, which must give people a comfortable feeling.

When decorating a candy store, we should start from the whole, not confined to the local area. We can't ignore the decoration of the internal guidance system, doorways, passages and other areas. We cannot blindly pursue gorgeousness and style, but must integrate with the characteristics of the real estate, so that customers can truly feel the atmosphere after entering the master. Because the candy shop is to sell candy, so when decorating the candy shop, you should not ignore the emotional value of the project and the customer, but pay attention to the experience.

candy shop design

Candy Store Design Notes:

Generally speaking, good candy store design requires careful consideration of the following points:

  •     It must conform to the theme of its own products, and reflect the business characteristics of the store from the appearance and style.
  •     Whether it meets the preferences of the main users.
  •     Whether the original architectural style is in harmony with the surrounding environment, although it needs unique decoration, it should not make people feel
  •     Store decoration should be concise, and excessive line division and color rendering should not be used.
  •     The color should be unified and coordinated, and it is not advisable to use any rigid and strong contrast.
  •     The font size of the LOGO should be appropriate, too large can easily damage the overall layout.
  •     There must be more attractive lightboxes, advertising boards, and publicity columns.

Candy Display Counter for Sale

The candy shop includes many type of candy stands. The different shape will attract more children. If you have favorite types, you can tell me. We will add it on the design.

How to Open a Customized Candy Shop in Shopping Mall?

  • Firstly, You need to find a location in a shopping mall. A good location will help you attract more customers, and can help you improve your sales volume.
  • Second, after you get the location in a retail store, you can contact us and tell your requirements about the candy shop. Then we will design the candy shop according your requirements. If you have any changes, we will help you modify it until you satisfy it.
  • Third, after you meet the design, then confirm the order. Please arrange 50% deposit as a production deposit. After finish the candy shop furniture, please arrange the balance payment.

candy store fixtures for sale

How to pack the candy displays?

We will use the foam and wooden box for packing the candy displays. It will be strong and can prevent the candy display from damage. We also can help you buy the insurance from the shipping company. If the candy displays damaged during the shipping, we can ask for the relevant compensation from the shipping company.

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