As we know almost all children like sweet candies,more and more candy shop opened every years.Different as other shops, candy shop design as usually very fantastic and nice, it inside will be very colorful and as usually have fancy modeling or toys to attract customers.So if you want to open a candy shop, the design is first thing you need to take care, very important.

candy display cabinet

4 things need you pay attention to when design your candy shop:

1.the theme of your candy shop.

Before you design your candy shop, you need know clearly you want to go what kind theme.Because the main customers are children, so many candy shops will choose to go very fancy and color theme.

2.The layout of inside furniture.

In a candy shop will have many different kinds of display furniture to display different candies, nuts or toys etc.How to make full use of your space?the furniture layout is very important, as usually near shop window, you can put some small but attractive display fixture, like candy pole,small stands. In shop middle you can put some low display stands to display some hot sale and popular candies.Against wall you can put some wall display cabinets and shelves to display and storage.Cash counter can put near gate or back side of shop.

3.the display furniture style and design.

Candy shop not like other shop, the inside furniture style and shape design is very important.Special and creative style will make your whole shop looks more attractive.

4.the lights used in your candy shop

As usually in shop middle ceiling, you can put some big light, like Chandelier or ceiling light, on sides of ceiling, where have cabinets, you can add some small lights, like spot light, to make display effect seems better.

Here today i want to share you a fantastic candy shop design.

Below is the detailed introduction:

candy display fixture

This candy shop is not big, it is 4m by 4m. near the shop window you will find left and right side is a big candy pole with transparent balls.Then enter the shop you will find a big display cabinet in middle, with a slide. I believe all children see it will be attracted, couldn’t help try.On the top of the big cabinet have many nice candy Lollipops,on top ceiling comes with some pink Clouds and moon.then left are candy display shelves with candy dispensers, right side comes with 4 pieces display cabinets, the display cabinets is lovely Bear shape.Then back is a L shape counter.This candy shop not big but is very functional, so if your shop not big, this shop design will be an good idea.


What questions may be you will have about this candy shop design?

1.i want design my own shop, i want different style, if you can help?

A:yeah sure, we have professional design team, we can help design your shop as your needs.You need tell us how big your shop, you want what color, like what kind style, inside you want how to layout etc, then we will design as your needs for you see effect long you will need for production?

A:production for a whole shop furniture as usually need 28 work days after order and drawing confirmed.

3.what’s the progress to start the candy shop?

A:Firstly you need to find a good location and shop rent.To open the candy shop, you need check to find a good place,where have a lot of people pass away and near you have no candy shops

Second, you need find a professional design team to help you create the design plan and detailed tech drawing for your shop. You need tell them your shop size, you want go what kind color,what kind layout etc.then they will design the shop as your needs

Third, after confirmed design and drawing ,then you can find an experienced factory to help you build the inside furniture, then ship to you


Ant display is a factory specialize in making customized shop furniture,we have professional design team, we can help you create and build the candy shop you want!Feel free to contact!