Due to the progress of the times, more and more people like freshly squeezed juice. They all like bottled juices that do not add coloring, flavoring, and preservatives. So selling fresh juice is a huge business opportunity. If you want to start your business, you need to pay attention to the following points.

Health Aspects:

 First of all, you need a healthy recipe, some qualified equipment, and a permit from the health department in your city or state. This is our first requirement to open a store, and we can only conduct this business with the permission of the health department.

  • Create a juice recipe

Food recipes are the lifeblood of food. So you have to create juice recipes for your business that can attract more customers. The unique juice formula can help you attract more customers. Including flavors not commonly found in grocery stores. A diversified menu will attract more customers to patronize your company. You can see that many shops have their own signs and have their own unique tastes. For example, orange juice and pineapple juice are common flavors, but watermelon-acai juice and strawberry-carrot are not so typical.

  • Research Permits and Permits

You need to contact the health department in your city to find out what permits you need to start a food business. They may need a food business license, a food operator's certificate, or a food operator's license. You need to submit relevant materials to the Food and Drug Administration to get approval.

  • Obtain a permit and employer ID number

A business license is necessary for the food industry. You can obtain the license required to operate a retail business in your state, as well as the employer identification number obtained from the IRS. You can refer to local reference materials for these. Depending on your business structure and the state you live in, you may also need a name certificate or a sales and use tax permit.

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Determine Position

You need to find a suitable position for your juice business, which is conducive to the development of your business in the market. Let customers know more clearly what you are selling and the classification of juice. For example, you can focus on selling organic juices, energy juices, smoothies, or wholesale bottled juices.

Business Plan

You need to make a reasonable plan for your business when starting this project. So it is necessary to write a business plan. The business plan includes the details of your market segment; three-year operating expenses; three-year profit forecast; marketing and public relations strategies; competitive business analysis; information on potential suppliers and sales locations. These are things we need to know in advance. Only in this way can we better manage this business.


Fruit supplier

Most fruits need to be purchased from outside, so we go to suppliers to buy agricultural products. When making this one, we try to buy local fruits-and buy them in bulk-to save transportation costs. Because buying local fruits can keep them fresh. Because the transportation time is relatively short. You can contact the farmers’ markets and growers’ associations in your area to obtain a list of potential agricultural product suppliers. If you choose organic products, you need to spend more money to make juice. At the same time, the value of the product will also increase.

Find a good location

We also need to find a place to sell juice. The location options include flea markets, roadside stalls, farmers markets, urban festivals, carnivals or fairs, or food plaza stalls in shopping malls. The first squeezed juice can also be bottled. Then wholesale to local grocery stores, restaurants, delicatessens, fitness centers, and cafes. Such bottles should have your brand name, phone number, and address such as food manufacturing plants or commercial kitchens, and other important information.

Purchase equipment and supplies

These devices need to be purchased wholesale. You need to purchase a commercial-grade juicer and related equipment. Supplies such as cups, napkins, and tableware also need to be purchased wholesale. Because the wholesale price is more economical than the retail price, this will save us costs.

  • Kitchen scale, For an excellent food store, a digital kitchen scale is essential and is used to weigh food materials. Because in the commercial production of fruit juice, it is unrealistic to use the whole fruit to measure the composition. For example, the general recipe is how many grams of apples and how many grams of carrots. For example, "8 ounces of red apples" or "200 grams of carrots" can be used with a recipe.
  • Have a good cambro container, We need to have a beautiful set of containers to store juice, agricultural products, and other things, which would be great. And you will use the Cambro container every time, you will see it when you enter the kitchen. I recommend some pans with lids: Deep Cambro Pans and some round storage containers. You will know that it will have huge functions and will make your kitchen more clean and tidy.
  • A good knife, With a nice sharp knife, you can easily cut fruits, fruit peel, and fruit citrus. A good knife will save more time for you, and this will make the work of the entire studio very efficient. And the size of the knife is also very important. So a good knife of 6-8 inches will do.
  • Other kitchenware, Cutting board, and other small commodities. Prepare some large spoons, spatulas, a strainer, and some volumetric cups.


Market business

When you first start your business, you need to promote your juice business. If your budget allows, you can send a press release to the local media. You can also sponsor a fitness day or health expo, launch a promotion website or open a social network account. The business volume of the gym should be relatively large because very fitness people love fresh juice very much.

Restaurants are also possible because if you are tired of eating, you can drink a glass of juice to relieve your tiredness.

Working Counter & Store Furniture

If you open a juice store, you need good furniture. Because good furniture is to give customers a good experience. Ant Display is focused on producing commercial furniture like the working counter, bar counter, tables and etc... we can customize these for you.

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Shop 3d Design

3D Design is necessary to open a candy store. You can see the whole effect through the 3d design. Here are some design tips for your reference.

  1. Decoration and furnishings

The decoration of the entire store is the most direct and effective way to create the atmosphere of the freshly squeezed juice franchise store. Different freshly squeezed juice franchise store spaces, their decoration style, and interior furnishings should have a different atmosphere and artistic appeal. When creating the atmosphere of freshly squeezed juice franchise stores, the positioning of freshly squeezed juice should be very clearly reflected in the decoration and furnishings. Commercially squeezed fruit juice shops and culturally squeezed fruit juice shops have different styles. Therefore, the decoration costs invested will also vary greatly.

  1. A freshly squeezed juice shop with a strong cultural color

We can use local customs and cultural elements, and we can use more colors and folk products in decoration to reflect the style and create an atmosphere.

  1. Good color matching

Good color matching can create a beautiful color environment and a poetic atmosphere. In the color design of the freshly squeezed juice franchise store environment, there should be a distinct, rich, harmonious, and unified atmosphere. During the operation of the beverage store, attention should also be paid to the role of the color of the products, decorations, and containers being operated. Because these colors can also affect the sense of taste. By mastering color theory, you can use different colors to stimulate the sales of consumer products in beverage stores, thereby obtaining better business results.

  1. Layout

The layout of the store is also very important because a good layout can leave a good impression on customers. We will first layout the 3D design according to the size of your shop so that you can know the whole effect.