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Creative fresh juice bar kiosk lemon juice bar counter used in mall

here is a nice fresh juice bar kiosk share with you
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Creative fresh juice bar kiosk lemon juice bar counter used in mall

Do you love juice?I really love it very much.as we know juice not only taste good,also have many benefit.firstly it has Rich nutrition and vitamins.Freshly squeezed juice can enhance immunity, reduce illness, delay aging, and also help to promote digestion, detoxification and beauty.So it is very good for health.And juice compared to other beverages, such as milk tea and coffee, fruit juice does not make people fat.So more and more prefer to have a cup of juice every day.So more and more juice bar kiosk opened in shopping mall.


Here today I want to share you a nice fresh juice bar kiosk we just designed.

See this fresh juice kiosk,it is 10ft by 10ft.You can see it is mainly used lemon green match nice purple color,add little nature wood color,looks very nature also beautiful.it mainly used sell juice,frozen yogurt,bubble tea and smoothie.


The back of the kiosk have a white long bar table with chairs, customers can sit here to have rest and enjoy the juice.


Some detailed info share with you:

1.size:10ft by 10ft or customize
2.color:lemon green,purple,light wood color

3.materials used:plywood as basic materials,surface used wood laminate,purple laminate,and lemon green laminate.Countertop used white corian.The logo is 3D illuminated logo.

4.items included:stainless steel sink,illuminated logo,led sign,led menu,topping bar with glass showcase,bar table and chairs

5.production time:20-22 work days
6.service:customized service,can design as your needs
7.style:eye-catching and functional


Do you like this juice bar kiosk?If you also want to make a food kiosk,we can help!Here we have very professional design team and factory,can help you design your shop and make inside furnitures.If you have any needs or places we can help, just feel free to contact us.


Contact:Jessy Duan


Mob(whatsapp):+86 13631655904



More Information
Color green
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF,plywood,laminate
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