When you rent a storefront, will you design it? Designing a store is actually a manifestation of intentions. We all know that starting a business is not easy. Only by making some investment in the early stage, our follow-up work can be simpler. For example, in the decoration and design of the store, if we are selling juice, when we rent the store, we directly buy some tables and put them on the business. Obviously, the effect is not very good. This will not attract the attention of customers. What we have to do is to make our store clean and tidy and consistent in style. The best way is to make a design for the store first, and then we will decorate and purchase the interior furniture according to the design drawings. So we can know what we want.

The store I will introduce today is mainly affected by yogurt and juice. We can see its main style and color from the entrance of the store. Nowadays, a luminous logo is installed on the top of the door of many stores, which is very common. The first thing we have to do is to hang our logo on the door of the store. Then there are the internal layout and wall decoration. To design a beautiful shop, we can start with the interior furniture and decoration. This shop is divided into two parts, one is the work area and the other is the seating area. The working area has a bar and a work table, and the seating area is some tables and chairs. We can put logos or lightboxes on the wall decoration.

Ice cream shop


The overall color of our shop is also very important. If we have a logo, our main color can be the color of our logo. The color of this shop is green and yellow. Green decoration can kill some plants, and our tables and chairs can be made of wood and yellow. You can also put our logo on the wall. The color of our counter should also correspond to the color of the logo so that it looks more coordinated and beautiful.


This store is not big, we can divide it into two areas, the inside is the working area, and the outside is the seating area. Our bar counter can put our cash register or display our products, such as yogurt. Customers can choose their favorite flavors at will. At the top of the bar, we can see that there are some categories. This is the classification of the food in the store. Customers can know that we have a menu, which will make it easier for our customers to choose what they like. Inside is where we work, we can only make food here. Our machine and sink can be placed on the table.

There are many types of tables and chairs in the seating area. We can choose a wood color for chairs and tables and chairs. There are many colors of sofa chairs, and we can choose to match the style of our shop.

Wall Decoration

There are also many kinds of wall decorations. As I said above, we can hang some green plants on the wall, or our luminous logo and lightbox poster, etc. These are very common and beautiful. In addition to the lightbox painting decoration, this shop also has wooden strip decoration. The wooden strips are covering the entire wall, and our luminous logo is placed on it, which looks very attractive.


Early investment is very important to our later earnings. Only when we work hard, our shop can attract more customers. In addition to store design, our products and services are also very important. To provide customers with a good dining environment and service experience can deepen their impression of us.So shop decoration and our service are very important factors. We are a furniture customization company. We have our own design team and factory. If you open a new store and want to design a store, you can contact us. We can help you design your shop and provide furniture and decorations inside. There are many shop designs on our website. If you don’t have any ideas, you can take a look at our designs. They are also for reference. Hope our products can help you.