Restaurants are very important and one of the most popular shops. When we go shopping, in addition to milk tea shops and coffee shops, most of them are restaurants. Almost all food stores in the mall are also storefronts. The profit of the restaurants is very high. Many branded restaurants have many customers every day, and the consumption per table is also quite high. If you want to make your own brand, you must pay more attention to the design of the store. 

What I want to introduce today is the interior design of the restaurant. The design is based on the floor plan of the customer's store. The positions of tables, chairs, and bar counters are also made according to the layout of the store. The style of this restaurant is similar to the style of the beach, it is a casual style restaurant. 

restaurant shop design

Restaurant Style

We all know that restaurants are mainly composed of bars, tables and chairs, and lamps. To confirm the style, we can start with the materials of the furniture. We all know that furniture is made of wood. There are many kinds of surface treatments, and the effects of different treatment methods are also different. If we like the wood-colored surface, then our materials can choose plywood and fireproof board or veneer. If we want bright and shiny solid color furniture, then our materials can choose MDF and baking varnish. The color rendering of the paint is very good, and the color produced is very beautiful. We use wood color for the furniture in this restaurant. Wood color is very common in restaurants.

Furniture Layout

Many of our furniture use wooden materials. According to the customer's floor plan, the restaurant has two locations where the bar counter can be placed. For the bar on the right, we designed a back wall, which can be used as decoration, and we can also design some layers to store things. It can be seen from the design drawings that his style is consistent with the style on the store wall. We can put some bar chairs next to the bar, and our customers can also eat here. The countertop of our bar is made of stone, which is very durable and easy to clean. The other bar is relatively small, it can be used as a cash register and other machines. The potted plants on the top can be used for decoration.

In addition to the two bar counters, it is the seating area. We can see that the distribution of this seat is relatively flat and orderly. It has a total of three rows, and the middle two rows are separated by green plants, which can provide customers with a private space without being confused with the adjacent table. There are sofa seats in a row against the wall, the style is different from other tables and chairs. This can maintain the diversity of our seats.

Wall Decoration

The last is the decoration on the wall. The space on the wall of the restaurant is very large. We can use it to do something different and enhance the style of our restaurant. Since this restaurant is a casual restaurant, beach style, we designed some cruises on the seabed and some retro license plates on the wall. Do you think this decoration looks good? We also designed a hemp rope chandelier on the top of the long bar. Does it look very emotional? The decoration of our restaurant can be designed according to the overall style of our store, including the wall decoration, and it must be matched with our store. This feels better to customers.


In this era of fierce competition in the industry, if we want to make our own brand and expand our own brand, we must work hard to establish a brand image. The decoration style of the restaurant can directly affect our sales. Whether customers are willing to come in also depends on whether our store looks clean and comfortable. Therefore, the design of the restaurant is very important. Before we start decorating and buying furniture, we can confirm its design. This is convenient for us to arrange follow-up work. After using the design drawings, we can intuitively see the effect of the entire store.

Ant Display

On our website, you can see many different styles of restaurant designs, which are designed according to our customers' ideas and store floor plans. Of course, they are not just designed. These designs are achievable, and we can produce them according to the furniture on the design drawings. In this way, not only can you get a design that you are satisfied with, but you can also get everything inside. We are a customized company specializing in export services. In addition to our own design team, we also have our own factory. All our products are handmade and customized. The quality is also controlled at various levels. If you also want to make a design for your restaurant, you can tell us all your ideas.