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Wood Makeup Display Stand, Cosmetic Display Showcase W/ LED Lights For Sale

Cosmetic Store Fixtures of Retail Display Stand & Custom Wooden Display Showcase With Glass Shelves

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Cosmetics, a relatively popular product. For a girl, a lot of money is spent on cosmetics and skin care products every year. Girls pay great attention to skin care, so they are willing to spend a lot of time and money on skin care. Therefore, we need to work hard on the display stand, a good display stand will make our products more popular.

Details About the Cosmetic Display Stand

The main material of this display showcase is MDF, and the surface is baking paint. The glass layers is displayed when the laminate is mainly displayed, and LED strips are added above each layer. This can show cosmetics better and more clearly. At the bottom of the display case, we added drawers to store goods. This can make better use of the entire display stand space. Above the display stand is a poster, which can help customers recognize the brand.

Product Detailed

  • Material,MDF,
  • Size: 1000x350x1800mm
  • Surface, baking paint,
  • Color, black
  • Style , Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe


Design Display Stand Points


The special exhibits of the cosmetics showcase need to reflect the beauty of art. Through the unique artistic modeling, the showcase becomes a work with artistic temperament, showing the beauty. Coupled with novel display methods, it gives customers a certain visual appeal. Customers usually pursue the aesthetics and coordination of products. Therefore, when designing the showcase, you can design some small decorations around the goods to bring out the artistic beauty of the goods.

Variety display

When customers are shopping for cosmetics, they will definitely pick and choose products that they are satisfied with. If there are too few products, the first impression is not good. The same cosmetics have different skin types. Therefore, when designing the showcase, it is best to fully display the variety of the series in this area to increase the choice.

Layout design

Compared with other products, cosmetics need to highlight product characteristics and show their sense of existence. Goods of the same variety are best placed in the same place in the showcase. It is best to place products of different varieties and prices in layers. The height of the showcase should be appropriate for easy access

Cosmetic showcase size

The size of cosmetic showcase is customized and not fixed. The showcase is mainly determined by the cosmetics, space, salesperson and the structure, material properties, and craftsmanship of the showcase to be displayed. Common specifications are 1000*300*1800/2000mm. According to the height, this kind of display cabinet is divided into high cabinet and low cabinet. The high cabinet is generally placed against the wall or placed independently. The upper part is the cabinet, and the lower part becomes the base or leg. The size is generally 800*1800*1900/2200mm, and the base is about 800mm; the low cabinet is divided into single slope, double slope and flat roof. The small size is usually 700*1400*1300mm, and the large one is about 1300*1800*1500m.

There are some question from our customer

How to Pack the Cosmetic Display?

For the each edge and corner of the display stand, we will use the EPE foam to pack the interior. We all know that EPE Foam is a new buffering and jolt proof packing material with good heat resisting, damp proof, wear preventing and anti-corroding function. And use the film to fix the EPE foam. And for the outside package, we will use the MDF to make the wood box. The wooden box will be strong and can protect the kiosk from crash.

When will we receive the display showcase?

If you want the same one, do not need the new design. We produce the display showcase for about 15-18working days. If you want it above 3 pcs, will take 22-25workig days. The shipping time based on your country. If you are located New York, It will take about 30days to the port.

If i want to get new one, can you help me?

Yes, we can customize the kiosk according your requirements. You can tell me what color, size, or other needs you want to add. Before we produce it, we will help you do a design firstly. After you confirm the design, then we will start to produce it according the design.

More Information
Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF+ baking paint
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