clothes store furniture

This morning, I receive an inquiry about woman’s clothes shop furniture. She is looking for woman’s clothes shop furniture and wants to have a wonderful shop decoration. A retail clothes shop includes wall shelves, clothes display racks, center counter, cashier counter, etc. Today, I want to share a nice clothes shop decoration. If you are plan to open a clothes kiosk, please don’t miss this clothing shop.

Clothes store furniture introduction

It has a very simple design but looks luxurious. Sales window is very important in a clothes shop. Because people can see beautiful clothing directly from here. We can also set mannequins here to showcase hot sale skirts.

When entering the shop, we can see a cashier counter with brand luminous signage. And the middle of the clothing shop has different levels of the display counter. We can place T-shirts in different colors for choice. While against the doors are clothing display racks with shelves. They can help us show more clothes well.

clothing display rack

Clothes display rack

There are 2 kinds of display racks. One style is in black frame and acrylic shelve on top. The base supports the display rack. Another style is a combined display rack with shelves next to it. They are in different colors and make the shop looks better. Display rack base uses MDF with matte baking paint to build. And display rack material is a metal frame with wood and acrylic shelving.

Center display Counter

There are two oval center display counter with a bench surrounded. It is good to place promoting clothes here. They work together to makes the clothes shop furniture differently. Therefore clients can keep fresh every time to enter the shop. The base is stainless steel looks like an X, and MDF with a shiny baking paint surface is to make the counter table.

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is very important in a clothing shop. It usually uses as a reception desk in a shop. This reception counter is in white and black color. It has a trapezoidal shape, narrow at the bottom and wide at the top. The side has a black frame cover the countertop.

We can see the front side has white light at four side frame, which high light the reception counter and showcase the bright looks better. The backside of the desk is lock cabinets and drawers for better work. We can also leave enough room for legs when sitting down here.

clothing display rack

Shop size information

This clothes shop size is 5m by 4m, a very standard size for a street shop. Here is a large mirror on the back wall, it can make the clothing shop looks wider and more brighten. A large brand logo on the wall. We can make it in different sizes match to the clothes shop.  


This clothes shop has mixed color with white, black and yellow. They make the clothes store looks high-end and lovely. We can also choose other colors to create a new effect.

clothes shop furniture

How to get the clothes to store furniture?

1, Come up with a unique decoration design

Everyone wants a unique and attractive clothes shop decoration. Which can leave a deep impression on customers. We can first think of what is the shop theme and what furniture in need. It’s better to make a floor plan so that we can arrange every space better.

2, Make a new 3D design to show this clothes store furniture

It’s necessary to find a professional designer and make the 3D design. Because the 3D design shows the clothes store furniture layout, size, location, color, and effect directly. If there is somewhere not good enough, we can also make small changes in time.

3, Produce the shop furniture according to the drawing

When confirming the shop design, we can make a detailed drawing for production. The detailed drawing show how the furniture is made, what materials to use, and how to produce it step by step.

4, Test it and clean the counters for shipment

Before shipment, the clothing shop furniture will be in the test room. Since everything works well, we can clean the counter and package well. All the produce steps will take photos for confirmation. Only the owner thinks it’s ok to deliver, we can arrange to ship.

5, Put the furniture in the store according to the guide

When customers receive the goods, just unpack the boxes and fix everything in the correct location. It no needs to assembly anymore because the furniture is being made and delivered as a whole. Whenever you need clothes to store furniture, please feel free to contact us here.