Coffee shop design, counter, display showcase

As is known to all, coffee shops are places where modern people gather for leisure and business communication. The reason why coffee shops have their unique attraction is that what they sell is not only coffee, but also a kind of quality, culture and ideas. It is believed that many literary young people have a dream to open their own coffee shop. No matter in the morning when insects and birds are chirping or in the evening when the sky is full of clouds, they will watch their own coffee shop, or play ukulele gently, or read San Mao or Shakespeare, and have a few words with regular guests from time to time.

Weekends are different for everyone. You might be lounging around at home, or laughing at an amusement park, but if you're a bit artistic, it might be an afternoon in your city, enjoying a cup of coffee at a cafe, and then pacing your way to an art gallery. Coffee shop for city people, very important, can read, work, chat, party in the coffee shop, or just in a daze. If you happen to love the coffee culture, you also care a lot about the appearance level of a cafe. 

Description of the coffee shop design

This one coffee shop style is very modern. The main hue is the wood color and brick color. This is the whole view of the coffee shop, all layout is clear. First, the bar counter is made of the stainless steel with some wood decoration. There are three different display showcases to display some desserts and cakes for customers to choose. Then the cash register is near them. There are still many space of the counter, customers can take the coffee and some food from here. The machines also can be put there to take good use of the counter. At the back side, there are the sinks and the equipment on it for the staff to work. The shelf is on the wall to shoe the menu of different food with different price. And other part is as the decoration. There are many small shelves in the middle, which can be put some cute and delicate goods on them too. The refrigerator is behind the counter.

There are much space for the customers area, because many tables and chairs. In front of the bar counter, a long tables with many chairs for customers to sit, and the lights shine on the table. In the middle area, there are the small tables chairs for every two people. Then on the two wall sides, there are some another types tables and chairs for customers, which can be for every 4 people. This is a good consideration, people can choose the relevant seats they sit when they with friends or family.

About the wall decoration, it is good design here too. At the rights side wall of the counter part, it is a big blackboard and dull with all drawing and writing. The coffee shop can change the content on the blackboard for customers every day and express the meaning and creative ideas to customers. Decoration can have blackboard elements, write daily coffee on it, so it has a craftsman feeling. Besides, other type beautiful scenery pictures decorate with the wall, and some green plants on the wall shelves to show the ornament. You'll feel more comfortable with an Edison bulb. The ceiling design is special too, because it is with the red light stripe.

3 D design Details

When you have plan to start a shop business, the design is important.

  1. Please contact us to talk with your ideas about the design, such as style and layout or some special requirements.
  2. Please send us your floor plan and the size of your shop, then we can see your shop shape first.
  3. The design fee is $500-$800, which depend on the size of your shop.
  4. The design time is about 3-5 working days for a shop, and the design can be modified.
  5. After you confirm the design, we will offer you the floor plan and technology drawing, which including all details for you.



50% payment is needed before production after you have checked the technology drawing. When we get the deposit, we will produce the furniture for you according to the drawing strictly. During the production, the photos and videos can be sent to you for check the process. After finishing the all goods, 50% payment balance is needed. Then we can arrange the to packaging and shipping for you.

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