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Today I want to introduce a back cabinet against the wall, which mainly displays cosmetics and skincare products. This kind of cosmetic display cabinet is suitable for any cosmetics or perfume store. For more luxurious products such as cosmetics or perfumes, we also have higher requirements for the cabinets that display them. They should look high-end and fashionable. 

According to customer requirements, the main color of our cabinet is black, and the back panel can be white, which can highlight our products. There are light strips above the laminate so that customers can see our products clearly. And cosmetics will look more beautiful under the light.

Cosmetic display cabinet for sale

Size: 3x0.35x2.8m

Basic material: MDF, tempered glass

Surface finish: Baking paint

Others: Acrylic letters, lightboxes

Production time: About 15 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China

Considering the total length and height of the cabinet, we will divide it into three parts for production. When the production is completed, we will install it first and then see the effect. After testing that all the lights can work properly, the cabinet is finished.


When we receive the order for the cabinet, we will arrange production first. Our designer will draw detailed drawings of the cabinet, including the dimensions and materials of each place. We will send you the drawings for confirmation, and we will start construction when there is no problem. The first is to make a wooden cabinet. We need to prepare the required materials and fix the boards together according to the shape of the cabinet. After finishing the wooden cabinet, we need to polish the cabinet. Our cabinet should be polished to a smooth surface with a certain degree of roughness, and then a layer of primer is applied.

After applying the primer, we need to paint the cabinet. That is its surface technology, baking varnish. The color of the cabinet can be customized. Before the paint is painted, we need to adjust it according to the color selected by the customer and send it to the customer for confirmation. After the customer confirms, we will start painting. Then bake at high temperature to shape. After standing for a period of time, we can install the light strip and lightbox. Different countries have different voltages, so we will install transformers under the cabinet. There are three lightbox paintings in this cabinet, you need to send us three pictures. We will print them out and show them as pictures. Acrylic letters can be your logo characters or product slogans.

How to install the cabinet?

When you receive the goods, you can put them together according to their positions. There will be a wire at their connection and you need to connect them together. Then connect the main wire at the bottom to the shop.

How do I receive the goods?

When finishing the goods, we will packaging and ship to your port or to your door. When the goods arrive at the port, someone will notify you in advance to pick up the goods. We will send you the documents needed for customs clearance, and you can take these documents to pick up the goods. Our packaging is all wooden boxes, you can hire a trailer to pick up the goods.

Ant Display Furniture

We are a customized company, no matter what kind of product you need, we can provide it. If you do not find what you like on our website, you can contact us. Tell us your request, we will make a design according to your request. Our designers and factory workers have rich work experience. They can help us make the cabinet together. If you have a new store to design, you can also contact us. We will design all the interior furniture and decorations according to the floor plan of your store so that we can know the effect in advance before buying.

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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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