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2.4m High Cosmetic Display Showcase, Wall Retail Rack & Makeup Display Shelves with Led Light

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osmetics have always been more popular. The cosmetics industry is also a hot-selling industry. If we want to sell good cosmetics, we need to consider many issues. Not only must consider the source of purchase, the choice of brand. Also consider our geographical location and the choice of showcases. The choice of showcase is very important for cosmetics. Because a good showcase will highlight the advantages of cosmetics. When we sell cosmetics, we must consider from the customer's perspective, how customers can have a good sense of experience. Therefore, cosmetic display cabinets are very important in the cosmetics industry.

Cosmetic Showcase for Sale

In the cosmetics exhibition hall, the showcase can fully show the beauty of cosmetics. A good cosmetics showcase, besides these look more beautiful and practical, it can also promote the sales of cultural products. In the design of cosmetics in the showcase, we need to pay attention to displaying cosmetics to the greatest possible extent. While we used display cabinets to set off the exhibits, we also added brand elements. A brand can increase the value of a cosmetic brand.

Details About the Display Showcase

The main material of the display showcase is MDF, the surface we use the baking paint. In general, for the cosmetic display showcase, we will use the MDF as a main material. Because the MDF can make a good shape, will make the cosmetic more attractive. The display layers we will add the led light strip, because it will make the whole display showcase more bright. We also add the poster and make the showcase more attractive. And if you have own logo, we will add it on the showcase. For the color, we also can customize the new color for you.

display showcase

Design scheme of cosmetic display cabinet

A good cosmetic showcase will have a good decoration effect. All kinds of exquisite display racks will help us display more products, so that products will have extraordinary charm.

1.Regional factors

   Regional factors must be considered in the design process of cosmetics showcase. The regional factor mainly refers to the shape and size of the display cabinet and how to arrange the positions between various parts. The initial perception of these characteristics is the primary factor that should be considered in the design of the showcase.

   Of course, regional factors also include the fit between the cosmetic display cabinet and the placement. There is also the coordination between the color of the display cabinet and the product matching, placement, lighting and other aspects. This is consistent with the concept of chromatology, and should help to make the matching of various colors more coordinated. And we need to position the product well to design and match the color of the showcase. The cosmetics showcase should give people a logical feeling, not a big disconnect between the two. Only this will make it difficult for consumers to make your product stand out in so many stores.

2. Aesthetic factors

  Secondly, we must consider the aesthetic factors of the showcase. This is mainly reflected in the relative position of the display cabinet itself and the balance and stability of the relative position between the display cabinet and the place. Only with excellent stability and balance can we better convey to consumers what the brand wants to express. There are many overall feelings, such as relaxed and pleasant or elegant and solemn.

   Then in the showcase design process, while designing the showcase, we must also pay attention to the coordination of all aspects of the store, brand, products, and users. And from the point, line and surface to better carry out the showcase design, thus design the creative display cabinet. Showcase design must be perfect in details. For example, it is necessary to solve the practicality of the display cabinet and make it easy for the brand promotion staff to operate. It is also necessary for consumers to easily see and obtain product information; for example, to solve the environmental protection problem of display cabinets. The display showcase directly contact a large number of people, and its environmental protection must be done well.

3.Furnishing factors

 The product layout not only reflects a kind of static information in the store, but also converts it into visual dynamic information to a large extent, which affects consumers' consumption behavior. Therefore, the design of the showcase must be integrated with the furnishings of the product, so that the sales smell of the product is revealed between the showcase and the furnishings. So a good cosmetics display is also a "static salesman". 

 Under the premise of grasping the display information, the principles of designing the showcase are: It is necessary to classify the products to be promoted and recommended, and to classify high-end, mid-range, and resistant products. In the furnishings, there should be a distinct principle of furnishings, and for key commodities, a prominent position and a strong visual experience should be given.

  Only by fully considering the above issues, doing a good job of communication, and gradually designing the showcase, can we produce excellent products.

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